Strongman Nick Best Deadlifts 600 Pounds for 16 Reps Days Before His 54th Birthday

The strongman cinched in his trademark narrow conventional stance for a colossal set.

Strongman Nick Best is no stranger to heavy deadlifts for a lot of volume. The 53-year-old published a video on his YouTube channel and Instagram page on Oct. 30, 2022, wherein he pulled 600 pounds for a set of 16 in a narrow conventional stance. The stance was so narrow it was akin to the first position of a ballet dancer.

That almost heel-touching stance employed by Best is routine during his high-volume lifts. He recently returned to sanctioned powerlifting competition, and his quad-dominant squat helped him secure two Masters world records at the 2021 Kern US Open in the 140-kilogram class. Check out his recent deadlift set below:

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According to Strongman Archives, Best made his competitive strongman debut in 2006 at the America’s Strongest Man (ASM) contest with a sixth-place finish. His first taste of gold in an elite strongman competition came four years later at the 2010 All-American Strongman Challenge — Hercules Hold world record holder Mark Felix and Louis-Philippe Jean rounded 0ut that podium in second and third place, respectively.

Best reached the podium sporadically for the next half-decade, but contest victory eluded him until the 2016 Giants Live North American Open. Again, Mark Felix finished as the runner-up to Best, who scored eight reps of 400 kilograms (881.9 pounds) to take second in the deadlift event.

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Best’s 54th birthday is November third, less than one week after he smashed his double-take-worthy deadlift set. While it isn’t clear if Best intends to return to elite strongman competition in 2023 — his last appearance was at the 2020 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) Qualifying stage (ranking fifth out of five in Group 5) — he seems to have still the strength to post top-tier weight in the gym.

Given that Best is already among the best in the world in Masters powerlifting, his 54th birthday might seem closer to the fountain of youth than that of a sunsetting strongman. If Best does step back into sanctioned strongman competition, his prowess in the deadlift and farmer’s carry could see him shoot further up the leaderboard against a field of his strongman youngers.

Featured image: @nickbeststrongman on Instagram