Josh Silvas, Nicolas Cambi (U105KG) Win 2021 America’s Strongest Man Contests

Cambi's dominance continues and Silvas' training pays off.

Nicolas Cambi is unstoppable. On Sept. 25, 2021, the 2021 America’s Strongest Man contests — the Open and Under-105-kilogram divisions (U105KG) — presented by Big Country Classic (BCC) were held in San Antonio, TX. Nicolas Cambi continued his reign as the dominant athlete in the U105KG division and took home the first-place prize purse of $12,000.

In the Open division, Josh Silvas won the contest by 3.5 points. Like Cambi, Silvas earns $12,000 in addition to the first-place hardware. Silvas won or tied for first place in four of the six events on the day.

2021 America’s Strongest Man Results

  1. Josh Silvas 47 points | $12,000
  2. Tyler Cotton — 43.5 points | $5,000
  3. Marcus Crowder 41 points | $3,000
  4. Wesley Claborn —  38 points
  5. Thomas Evans — 36.5 points
  6. Justin Kealhofer — 20.5 points
  7. Stan Carradine — 19.5 points
  8. Brian Clark — 16.5 points
  9. Alan Colley — 6.5 points

2021 America’s Strongest Man Results — U105KG

  1. Nicolas Cambi — 50.5 points | $12,000
  2. James Deffinbaugh — 45 points | $5,000
  3. Jeffrey Lee — 39.5 points | $3,000

Both divisions were single-day competitions that featured six events: Fingal’s Fingers, log lift, max deadlift, loading race, bag over bar, and Texas Stone.


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2021 America’s Strongest Man Open Events Recap

Silvas’ consistency across all six events is what ultimately earned him the top spot. In addition to earning first-place in four of the six events, Silvas’ two non-first place outliers were a third-place rank in the loading race and a fourth-place rank in the Texas Stone. He finished all six events in the top half of the field.

Fingal’s Fingers

The opening event of the day proved Silvas came to play. His first-place time of four fingers in 22.36 seconds was over six seconds faster than Crowder’s runner-up time of four fingers in 28.46 seconds. Evans snagged third with four fingers in 29.25 seconds. Only two athletes in the field failed to convert all four fingers — Carradine scored three fingers in 32.74 seconds, and Colley managed one finger in 12.83 seconds.

Log Lift

The log lift event tasked the athletes to lift a 161-kilogram (354.9-pound) log for as many reps as possible in 60 seconds. Four strongmen managed to lockout six reps and earn a piece of first-place points: Silvas, Cotton, Crowder, and Claborn. Evans and Carradine finished one rep short of them. Kealhofer scored four reps, Clark hit three reps, and Colley brought up the rear with a single rep.

Max Deadlift

The event was straightforward — athletes would each make a deadlift attempt at a certain weight. If they were successful, they advanced to the next round. If they failed, they locked in whatever their heaviest lift was. 


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Silvas’ prowess in the deadlift was on clear display as he was the only athlete who managed to lockout 420 kilograms (925.9 pounds). Claborn gave him a run for his money by scoring the 411-kilogram (906.1-pound) pull, the only other athlete to do so.

Cotton and Crowder tapped out after successfully hitting a 374-kilogram (824.5-pound) pull. Evans and Carradine managed to reach 365 kilograms (804.7 pounds), Kealhofer scored 356 kilograms (784.9 pounds), and Colley hit 347 kilograms (765 pounds). Clark was out first, managing 338 kilograms (745.2 pounds).

Loading Race

The loading race involved carrying four sandbags of ascending weight six meters and loading them over a stationary bar. The bags weighed 136 kilograms (299.8 pounds), 147 kilograms (334.1 pounds), 161 kilograms (354.9 pounds), and 181 kilograms (399 pounds). There was a 60-second time limit for each athlete.

Claborn loaded all four bags in a time of 45.13 seconds to claim the win. He narrowly beat out Cotton, who also loaded four bags in 47.71 seconds. Silvas stayed on top of the overall standings with a third-place time of 52.50 seconds. Evans was the final man to score all four implements in a time of 53.95 seconds.

Crowder, Clark, and Kealhofer were able to load three bags in time — 26.95 seconds, 38.66 seconds, and 47.41 seconds, respectively. Carradine and Colley struggled in this event. Carradine loaded two bags in 21.62 seconds and Colley in 27.48 seconds.

Bag Over Bar

This event did not match the world record festival that was the Keg Toss event at the 2021 World’s Strongest Man contest, but the tosses were still impressive. The bar was set at 4.57 meters (15 feet). Silvas and Cotton tied for the win by successfully converting a 32-kilogram (70.6-pound) bag. Claborn and Evans received second-place points for hauling 29 kilograms (63.9 pounds).

Crowder split the field with a 27-kilogram (59.5-pound) toss. Clark and Kealhofer both tapped out after hitting 25 kilograms (55.1 pounds). Carradine and Colley rounded out the event with 23-kilogram (50.7-pound) tosses.

Texas Stone

The Texas Stone weighed 181 kilograms (399 pounds). Each strongman attempted to carry it for max distance. The far and away winner of this event was Crowder. He carried the stone 38.79 meters — nearly 17 meters farther than Evan’s runner-up distance of 21.95 meters. Crowder’s Texas Stone and Silvas’ winning deadlift were arguably the most notable event performances on the day.

Cotton finished third in the event with a distance of 21.49 meters — less than half a meter behind Evans. After that, the field drops off significantly. Silvas finished fourth with 9.78 meters, Carradine in fifth with 5.49 meters, Kealhofer in sixth at 4.27 meters, and Clark in seventh with 3.2 meters. Claborn essentially lifted the stone and then put it down, scoring just over a quarter of a meter, and Colley did not make an attempt.

Nicolas Cambi’s Dominance at 105KG

Cambi has been on an absolute heater in 2021. In May 2021, he won the 2021 Clash on the Coast contest. In September 2021, at the Clash at the Corral, he scored two world records in the U105KG class — a log lift of 187 kilograms (412.3 pounds) and a block press world record of 141.5 kilograms (311.9 pounds). As the 2022 Clash of the Coast Super Series continues, the question is less so who will qualify for the 2022 Clash on the Coast contest and more so can anyone challenge Cambi for the throne?

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