Strongman Nicolas Cambi (105KG) Sets Block Press and Log Lift World Records at 2021 Clash at the Corral

The 2021 Clash on the Coast champion hit a 311.9-pound block press and a 412.3-pound log lift.

The 2022 Clash of the Coast Super Series is underway. The Super Series consists of five strongman events — four in-person and one virtual — for athletes in the 105-kilogram weight class to qualify for the 2022 Clash on the Coast competition. On Sept. 4, 2021, the first event in the series, Clash at the Corral (CatC), took place in Waco, TX.

Although the 2021 Clash on the Coast (CotC) champion, Nicolas Cambi, did not compete in the CatC contest itself, he was in attendance to make several world record attempts. Ultimately, he scored two new world records in the 105-kilogram class — a new block press world record of 141.5 kilograms (311.9 pounds) and a new log lift world record of 187 kilograms (412.3 pounds). Check out the block press below, courtesy of Cambi’s Instagram page:


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A post shared by Nicolas Cambi – Pro Strongman (@cambidude)

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Cambi shattered the previous block press world record by 11.3 kilograms (25 pounds). He secured the lift while wearing a lifting belt and knee sleeves but without sleeves on his elbows. Normally, setting one world record, particularly one with an implement as difficult as the block, would be the big headline at the end of the contest. However, in Cambi’s case, it was just the opening act for what he considered the main event:

The block press record was neat but the log is the king of overhead implements.

Coming into the event, the world record log lift in the 105-kilogram weight class stood at 186 kilograms (410 pounds), scored by Rob Kearney. Cambi opened with a successful 169.2-kilogram (373-pound) log lift to set a new push press personal record. He ended up missing a 181.4-kilogram (400-pound) attempt but still decided to load a world record 187 kilograms (412.3 pounds) on the log. The 2021 CotC champ successfully locked it out overhead via a split-jerk technique while wearing elbow sleeves and wrist wraps. If you have not yet seen the lift, check it out below:

Note: slide to the second slide to see the log lift from a side view.


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A post shared by Nicolas Cambi – Pro Strongman (@cambidude)

Both of Cambi’s new overhead records were the result of a three-month-long prep. The split-jerk technique is highlighted particularly well from the side view in the post above because it shows, in Cambi’s words, “how much [he] had to get under the weight and push [himself] under the log.”

Results of the 2021 Clash at the Corral

The 2021 CatC consisted of five events — press medley, yoke walk/farmer’s carry medley, axle deadlift, sandbag medley, and stone over bar. Here were the final results:

  1. Michael Congdon — 39.5 points
  2. Bob David — 37.5 points
  3. Justin Loy — 35 points
  4. Jesse Nelson — 31 points
  5. Typer Pruitt — 28 points
  6. Jacob McBride — 19.5 points
  7. Ricky Deogracias — 18.5 points
  8. Michael Battaglino — Five points
  9. Zach White — One Point

The top three finishers at the 2021 CatC earned entry to the 2022 CotC contest to challenge Cambi for the throne at 105 kilograms. Based on the results thus far of Cambi’s training, challenging him in pressing events will be quite the task.

Feature image: @cambidude on Instagram