Check Out Nick Walker’s Rest Day Morning Routine

Active recovery, lots of water, and supplements are the highlights when "The Mutant" is away from the gym.

Nick “The Mutant” Walker finished with the bronze at the 2022 Mr. Olympia contest — the highest rank of his relatively young pro career. Rest days were critical to building the physique that categorizes Walker as a mass monster while maintaining a tight waist.

Rest days help prevent overtraining and allow the body to build that muscle mass and muscle maturity that the judges look for on stage. On May 29, 2023, Walker published a “day-in-the-life” video on his YouTube channel, sharing what his morning routine looks like on his days away from the gym. Check it out below:

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Walker’s Rest-Day Routine

Walker starts his day by checking his body weight, which he says is an “OCD thing,” and doesn’t recommend a daily trip to the scale. Since one’s weight can fluctuate daily, tracking trends in weight is better suited for weekly weigh-ins.

Walker drinks one liter of water to aid his digestion and prime his metabolism for the day ahead. Rehydrating from a night’s sleep helps him feel better for his first meal.

Walker is scaling back his cardio due to his current training regimen, which involves a higher frequency and intensity on training days. Due to this, he opts for light walks or time on a recumbent bike. After his active recovery, Walker to takes five milligrams of yohimbine, which he describes as helping “…blood flow, energy, [and] fat burning,” before spending about 20 minutes in his infrared sauna.


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Walker’s Recovery Day Supplements

Walker’s coffee preference is a small cold brew with two stevia packets and a half-serving of the sugar-free caramel sauce. Even though he has a voracious sweet tooth, Walker only has a half-serving (even if the full serving tastes better) to keep his calories in check. He follows that with a greens shake to ensure he consumes sufficient micronutrients, comprised of:

  • Revive GI
  • Revive Daily Greens (Chocolate Flavored)
  • HD Muscles Glutamine — four scoops (20 grams)

Additional supplements Walker takes include:

  • Vita HD
  • Kidney HD — half-serving in the morning; half-serving later in the day
  • Liver HD
  • Vitamin K2 
  • Vitamin D3 — 6000 IUs
  • Citrus Bergamot 
  • Baby Aspirin
  • Vitamin C3000 milligrams

Vitamin C helps with Walker’s cardiovascular health. Vitamin D3 supports Walker’s immune system and hormones. After all that, Walker finally eats his first full meal, comprised of chicken, cream of rice, blueberries, and raw almond butter.

As the bronze medalist at the 2022 Mr. Olympia contest, Walker is already qualified for the 2023 Olympia in Orlando, FL, on Nov. 2-5, 2023. We’ll see if he continues to dial in his physique to oust reigning Mr. Olympia Hadi Choopan and claim bodybuilding’s most coveted title.

Featured image: @nick_walker39 on Instagram