Powerlifter Amanda Lawrence Pulls 567lbs/257.5kg for a New Deadlift PR

Check out Lawrence's huge deadlift without straps!

We’ve seen powerlifter Amanda Lawrence deadlift some serious weight before. Flashback to June at the 2019 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships when she pulled 252.5kg for a new world record in the -84kg weight class, then at that same meet went on to set world records for the squat (243kg) and total (613kg).

Now, a few months later, Lawrence is showing some impressive strides in her training. This week she was training deadlift and ended up pulling a seriously strong 576 lbs/257.5kg without straps. Lawrence shared her lift on Instagram with an emotional caption referencing how sure she has pulled this weight before, but never without straps.

Check out her big pull below:

567lbs/257.5kg I CRY. Grip has ALWAYS been the biggest limiting factor for my deadlift. TODAY I DID NOT GIVE IN. I know I’ve pulled more than this with straps, but I’ve never done this with the hansies before! Takin’ BIG steps in the right direction. After this past Monday thinking I screwed up my quad, this is exactly what I needed!


Since the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships Lawrence has been building her strength across the board, but we’ve been particularly impressed with her deadlift and squat.

A month or so out from IPF Worlds this year, Lawrence was deadlifting 265kg, so needless to say she’s been making gains for a steady amount of time now. In her most recent squat training session she powered through 240kg for one set of  four reps, 230kg for two sets of four reps, and 225kg for two sets of four reps.


The next big meet we’re pretty certain Lawrence has her eyes on is Raw Nationals this fall. And given her grip strength improvements and solid squat sessions at that, she’s well on her way to breaking more records and making a case for one of the top female powerlifters in her weight class.

Featured image from @miss.amanda.ann Instagram page.