Powerlifter Kristy Hawkins (165 lbs) Deadlifts a Huge 573 lbs

Over the last few weeks, the big lifts have been flowing out of Dan Green’s Boss Barbell Club in Mountain View, California. The latest sizable personal record comes from 75kg/165 lb powerlifter Kristy Hawkins. Currently, Hawkins is in prep for the Boss of Bosses V meet, which is kicking off on August 25-26th.

Hawkins is no stranger to moving big weight on the deadlift, as evident from this 235kg (520 lb) four rep set, but this new 1-RM may take the cake as her biggest deadlift PR set to date. Her latest deadlift PR comes in the form of a huge 260kg (573 lb) 1-RM deadlift, and it unofficially tops the current 75kg/165 lb all-time deadlift world record.

Granted, it’s tough to miss a lift when you have someone like Andrew Herbert who’s also been hitting huge PRs for Boss of Bosses V looking on behind you. In Hawkins’ Instagram video’s description she writes, “Last deadlift workout before #bossofbosses5 and a solid PR of 260kg/573lb.”

We mentioned it above, but this deadlift tops Gina Aversa’s current all-time 75kg/165 lb world record of 253kg (556 lbs), which she set back November 2017 at the SPF Record Breakers meet. In two weeks, we may be seeing this record fall if Hawkins can execute a pull close to this PR.

[Watch Kristy Hawkins deadlift 200kg (440 lbs) for an easy 10-reps!]

As of right now, Hawkins is ranked fifth all-time for the highest Wilks scores in the raw + wraps division for female athletes (per openpowerlfiting.org). Her best meet to date as a 75kg/165 lb athlete was the November 2017 SPF Record Breakers meet where she totaled a very strong 650kg (1,434 lb) all-time world record.

At this meet, Hawkins hit a 260kg (573 lb) squat for an all-time world record, a 143kg (315 lb) bench press, and a 248kg (546 lb) deadlift. In two weeks, it’s going to be fun to watch Hawkins attempt more runs at all-time world records. She already owns two, can she make it three with a big deadlift?

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Feature image from @kristy_hawkins Instagram page.