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Powerlifter Kristy Hawkins Deadlifts Colossal 275 Kilograms (606 Pounds)

Hawkins' training finally saw her surge through the 600-pound milestone.

On Nov. 9, 2019, powerlifter Kristy Hawkins competed in an epic deadlift battle against Brianny Terry at the Southern Powerlifting Federation (SPF) Slingshot Record Breakers in the 75-kilogram weight class. Together they broke the all-time deadlift world record three times — Terry broke it once, Hawkins broke it twice. Ultimately, Hawkins won that event with an all-time world record raw total of 644.9 kilograms (1,421.9 pounds), which included her deadlift record of 262.5 kilograms (578.7 pounds) — three and a half times her bodyweight. She currently holds both records to this day.

According to Open Powerlifting, that event was the most recent one Hawkins has competed in, but her training has not slowed down. On Nov. 21, 2020, Hawkins took to her Instagram page to share both the first and second time she ever pulled over 600 pounds. Check out the absolutely monstrous lifts of 272.5 kilograms (600.8 pounds) and 275 kilograms (606.3 pounds):


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A post shared by Kristy Hawkins (@kristy_hawkins)

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Hawkins didn’t share her weight at the time she completed this lift. It’s a massive milestone, regardless, and 12.5 kilograms (27.6 pounds) more than her best competition lift. The only record Hawkins does not hold in the 75-kilogram class is the bench press. She has the second heaviest bench press ever, bested only by Allison Hind‘s 156.4-kilogram (345-pound) lift — four kilograms (nine pounds) more than Hawkins. Though, some may say she’s equally as dominant in training compared to on the platform. In March of 2020, Hawkins also managed to squat 300 kilograms (661 pounds) from a Monolift. You can check out that video below, too:


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A post shared by Kristy Hawkins (@kristy_hawkins)

Although it isn’t clear when Hawkins plans to compete next, expect her to potentially call for a world record weight to be loaded onto the barbell when she does.

Featured image: @kristy_hawkins on Instagram

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