The Epic Deadlift Battle Between Kristy Hawkins and Brianny Terry, World Record Broken 3-Times

The all-time deadlift world record was broken three times by Hawkins and Terry!

Over the weekend, the Slingshot Record Breakers powerlifting meet went down in Dublin, California at CrossFit CSA. By now, you’ve probably seen the news about Cailer Woolam breaking the 220 lb all-time deadlift and total world records at this meet, but you may have missed the epic battle between Brianny Terry and Kristy Hawkins. 

Terry and Hawkins both finished in first and second place in the women’s 165 lb weight class, and had a shootout to conclude their meets for the all-time deadlift world record. It was legendary and the world record was actually broken three times, once by Terry and twice by Hawkins. 

The results from the meet can be seen below. 

  1. Kristy Hawkins
    • Squat: 230kg/507 lbs
    • Bench Press: 152.5kg/336 lbs
    • Deadlift: 262.5kg/578 lbs ATWR
    • Total: 645kg/1,425 lbs ATWR
  2. Brianny Terry
    • Squat: 235kg/518 lbs
    • Bench Press: 122.5kg/270 lbs
    • Deadlift: 255kg/563 lbs
    • Total: 612.5kg/1,350 lbs

There’s no denying that both of these athletes had great meets, but the deadlifts are what really stole the show. 

To kick off the deadlifts, Terry opened up her attempts with a smooth 240kg/529 lb pull and made it with no problem. Hawkins opened with 245kg/540 lbs, which she made no problem. 

For her second attempt, Terry bumped up to 255kg/563 lbs, which topped Hawkins’ current record and awarded her with the new all-time world record. However, that world record didn’t stand long when Hawkins jumped to 257.5kg/567 lbs. 

After an epic back and forth battle of attempt selections, Terry went for 266kg/586 lb on her third, but unfortunately fell just short. Soon after, Hawkins moved her attempt to 262.5kg/578lb to push the world record further and secure herself with the all-time total world record. 

After their legendary meets, hats off to both of these women for putting on an incredible show and breaking multiple PR and world records!

Feature images from @kristy_hawkins and @briannyt Instagram pages.