Powerlifter Russel Orhii Crushes 335.5kg/740 lbs For a Deadlift PR

Russel Orhii just hit a new deadlift PR a week out from USAPL Raw Nationals!

Russel Orhii (-83kg) is looking more than ready for 2019 USAPL Raw Nationals next week. In his recent Instagram video, Orhii pulled an insane 740lbs/335.5kg in training for a new deadlift PR.

The guy is absolutely cruising this year. He has not only been showing off some huge training lifts over the last two months, but he is also still fresh off his first place finish and world record setting performance at this year’s IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships.

We knew Orhii has been chasing big numbers, but this one is pretty massive. 


Why This Lift Is Huge

While obviously this deadlift is a training lift and not an official record of any sort, the current IPF classic deadlift world record in the -83kg weight class is 326.5k, so Orhii’s latest 740lbs/335.5kg is nine pounds heavier than what was pulled and set at this year’s IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships!

Powerlifters React To Orhii’s PR

One thing we love to see in the powerlifting community is the amount of support and enthusiasm that occurs when athletes hit huge PRs. Orhii’s recent lift was a clear example of this.

Joseph Giovanni Ferratti, powerlifter and full-time coach: “We already know the adjustments to make. Next week. NEXT WEEK.”

KC Mitchell, powerlifter: “Ohhhhh mf’er get that sh**”


What Orhii’s Training Looks Like 

Leading up to Raw Nationals, Orhii has been sharing training videos pretty consistently. It seems like each week he’s after a new PR. Recently we’ve covered one of his insane leg days with fellow powerlifter Amanda Lawrence. On that leg day he casually smoked a volume PR at 294kg/650lbs for four. A week before this, he squatted a crazy 306kg/675 lb triple.

In general, his training is a mix of top singles and volume training. The past couple weeks he’s been sharing mainly squatting and deadlift videos, however, we also know the guy can push a pretty solid bench press, too. At Worlds, he pressed 195kg which helped him reach his IPF world record total of 833kg.

USAPL Raw Nationals kick off on October 16th and run through the 22nd. This year, they are being held in Lombard, Illinois and you can watch live at usapowerlifting.com! 

Featured image from @russwole Instagram page.