Powerlifter Russel Orhii Deadlifts 625 Pounds for Seven Reps, New Volume PR!

Russel Orhii has some serious goals when it comes to the deadlift!

Last month, 83kg powerlifter Russel Orhii had his best meet to date at the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Championships. He was crowned World Champion in the 83kg weight class, and even set two new World Records. His 690 pounds, or 313kg squat, and 1826 lbs/833 kg total were both World Records.

His other lifts at the IPF World Championships included a 429.9 lbs/195kg bench press and a 716.5 lbs/325kg deadlift. And now, just a month or so out from competing, Orhii is back in training showing some serious strength and progress.

Orhii pulled 625 lbs/283kg for seven reps which was also an impressive volume personal record. He posted this lift on his Instagram and wrote about how good he’s been feeling in training the last few weeks.

“Nice lil volume PR with 625lbs/283kg for 7 reps! I have been on one these last few weeks. My joy for training is at an all time high and I couldn’t be any more motivated. This year just feels different..”


From the looks of Orhii’s page, the next meet he has his eyes set on is USA Powerlifting’s Raw Nationals in October. Last year Orhii competed at USAPL Raw Nationals and finished first in his class. He squatted 663.6 lbs, benched 418.8 lbs, and deadlifted 683.4 lbs, which are all lifts that he’s not only topped this year, but completely crushed. His World Record squat from the IPF World Championships was 26 lbs more than his squat last year.

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His seven rep volume PR, and training volume appears to be all part of the strict training plan as Orhii preps for Raw Nationals. A week ago he posted that it was his first time deadlifting since the IPF World Championships, and managed to pull off 585lbs/265kg for a set of eight reps.


This year doesn’t only feel different for Orhii, but from two World Records, and a big meet coming up this fall, this year is different. We’re excited to see what big lifts he accomplishes in the upcoming months, especially with all the work he’s been dedicating to deadlifting.

Featured image from @russwole Instagram page.