This Powerlifting Documentary About Bryce Krawczyk Is One of the Best We’ve Seen

Canadian powerlifter Bryce Krawczyk takes us through his journey in powerlifting.

It’s not that hard to find good documentaries about CrossFit and strongman but as far as movies about strength sports go, powerlifting isn’t quite as popular.

That’s why we were excited to find this new, exceptionally high quality documentary starring Canadian powerlifter and BarBend contributor Bryce KrawczykThe Powerlifter was released on YouTube this week and with Krawczyk narrating, the film takes the audience through his highs and lows as he describes ascending through the sport’s ranks, competing in a meet, and the why of lifting heavy. Our favorite line is either “It’s about falling in love with being a better version of yourself” or “Everyone has their own personal 400 kilos,” in reference to the new deadlift PR he was hoping to hit.

The film centers on his performance at this year’s CPU Nationals that were held in Ottawa this March, but there’s a ton of other footage that includes interviews with his parents and wife.

Krawczyk is a International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) Classic World Silver Medalist, a three-time Canadian Power Union (CPU) National Champion, and a former IPF Open World Record holder. But before all the medals, he was just a young kid who wanted to lift heavy weights. 

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“I just liked it. I liked doing it. I liked the training, and then I started competing and something just clicked,” Krawczyk said in the documentary about the beginning of his powerlifting journey.

One of the most powerful lines in the film is at the end (20:00) when he looks back at what he’s learned from powerlifting.

The funny thing is, so much of this has nothing to do with lifting weights. It’s about the people and it’s about the passion for the never-ending pursuit of progress. It’s about falling in love with trying to be a better version of yourself. It’s about commitment to that goal and perseverance through whatever gets thrown in your way. I think that everybody has their own personal 400 kilos.

Currently the owner and head coach at Calgary Barbell, powerlifting is at Krawczyk’s core. This documentary showed Krawczyk’s triumphs, but also moments where he was completely vulnerable. His experiences will surely resonate with many powerlifters, and it’s why the film is a must watch.

“There’s a beauty and an art in challenging your boundaries,” he emphasizes at the film’s conclusion. Rarely do we see such a thoughtful take on the sport.

Featured image from Calgary Barbell YouTube channel.