Bryce Krawczyk Deadlifts 388kg In Training (0.5kg Over the Current IPF Record)

Canadian powerlifter and BarBend contributor Bryce Krawczyk continues to crush big weight in his equipped training. Krawczyk is currently training to compete at the IPF Open World Championships being held November 13-18th.

Pulling a weight that edges out the current IPF Open Equipped 105kg deadlift world record wasn’t the original plan for Krawczyk’s deadlift day, as he stated in his video’s description, “Today’s equipped deadlifts were flying… [email protected], [email protected], so I decided to get greedy and take a stab at beating the current @theipf world record of 387.5. I managed to lock out 388! Pretty damn happy with that today.”

Check out the fairly smooth 388kg (853 lb) unofficial world record deadlift below.

This deadlifts tops the current Open 105kg equipped record by .5kg. And Worlds is still a couple months away, so we have high hopes that this .5kg will turn into a larger increment when Krawczyk takes the stage.

The current 105kg equipped deadlift record of 387.5kg is held by Anibal Coimbra, which he set in 2012 at the IPF World Powerlifting Championships. His record has stood for five years, and it wasn’t made without excitement and a little controversy.

As shared in the Reddit thread highlighting the 388kg deadlift, the current record holder Coimbra made this lift to upset Russian powerlifter Konstantin Lebedko and claim first.

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Lebedko made his final 352.5kg deadlift, which put him ahead of Coimbra by 32.5kg. For his last attempt, Coimbra called for a 32.5kg increase. This would earn him a world record and a win by bodyweight (.35 kg).

A 32.5kg jump is absolutely insane. And the controversy of this lift involves Coimbra’s right foot and knees at lockout. His right foot slightly turns out during the pull, and his knees may appear to be soft from the forward view — but a front angle on a deadlift is rarely the best look. Regardless, the judges and jury both kept this lift as a good lift, including after an appeal, and Coimbra claimed first in an exciting finish.

Now the question remains, can Krawczyk top this five year old record? He has plenty of time to continue pushing his limits.

Feature image screenshot from @calgarybarbell Instagram page.