Powerlifter Ricky Wright Totals 2,000 lbs In First-Ever Powerlifting Meet

Check out this impressive performance from 22 year-old Ricky Wright!

22 year-old powerlifter Ricky Wright absolutely crushed his first-ever powerlifting meet. Wright competed at the Southern Powerlifting Federation (SPF) Nationals on June 15th at Glen Stone Lodge in Tennessee and blew everyone away with his massive 2,000 pound total.

Weighing in at 261 lbs, he squatted 760 lbs, benched 505 lbs, and deadlifted 760 lbs for a new SPF World Record Total for the 20-23 year-old age group. Wright was certainly beaming after his record-setting performance and posted on his Instagram about his experience. While happy with his numbers, he also was quick to add how there were some parts of his performance that he thinks he could have done better.

“June 15th, 2019 had to be one of the best days of my life. My first powerlifting meet at 22 years old I put up a 2k total (conservative) went 6/9 for little technical things but fixed them the very next attempt.”


“After the meet we looked at all videos noticing I could’ve hit 780 on squat, 520 paused bench and 755 deadlift because I hitched a baby bit on 760 but still grinned it out and got it up but not perfectly by meet requirements. Videos shown 760 squat, 505 bench, 760 deadlift. I set the SPF world record total for 20-23 age all time. I placed first at RAW 275 and was given the honor to take home SPF Best Lifter of 2019 putting up the highest total at the meet overall!”

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22 years-old always seems to be a great age for powerlifters and strength athletes; a couple years ago we covered then 22 year-old Cailer Woolam, who deadlifted 900 lbs at 206 lbs bodyweight (hookgrip, raw!). And prior to that, we had the chance to catch up to then 22 year-old strongman Paul Smith.

Wright easily fits into the category of young strength phenoms, and we’re excited to see what powerlifting platform he takes on next.

Feature image from @rickywright_ Instagram page.