Reebok Is Coming Out With a Wood Heel Legacy Lifter

A wooden heel in a lifting shoe is something that’s sought after by athletes who typically want two things: A more connected feeling to the platform, and a love for the “old school” look. The only issue with wanting a wooden heel is that few companies still regularly make them, and the bigger companies typically reach for the lightweight durable TPU heel.

Although, that might be coming to an end in the somewhat near future. Joel Te from As Many Reviews As Possible shared an Instagram post that features the Reebok Legacy Lifter rocking a wooden heel. Could Reebok be the first big brand to bring back the highly sought after wooden heel? They might be.

This Legacy Lifter features similar upper construction as their previous models, but with the newly added wooden heel. Unfortunately, there haven’t been many other details released about the shoe, which includes the background on the wood they plan to use, or their rationale behind doing so.

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From the picture, it appears that the wood looks slightly slick, so we’re curious if it’s a full wooden heel, or if they’re some form of wood/TPU hybrid. In the Instagram description, Te provides limited details on the shoe itself. He writes that the release date is tentatively set for June 18th, and that they’re going to cost around $300.00, which is $100.00 more than the regular Legacy Lifter.

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Since the initial release of the Legacy Lifter, Reebok has dropped a handful of new color schemes, so it begs the question if this wooden heeled lifter is the only thing Reebok has up their sleeve.

We’re also curious if there will be more color schemes dropped in addition to the full black. And again, Te stated on his Instagram page that their release date is set for June, but we’re hopeful that we’ll see more sneak peaks before then, or even a sped up release date.

Feature image from @asmanyreviewsaspossible Instagram page.