Stefi Cohen Squats 195kg, 10kg Over Her Current All-Time World Record

Meanwhile in Miami, Florida at Hybrid Performance Method, huge lifts have been going down. The latest big lift comes from Stefi Cohen who’s often known by the masses for her incredible deadlift strength, but is quickly proving that her squat is equally as impressive. Granted, she does already own the 56kg/123 lb all-time world record for squat (without wraps), so in reality, it’s always been there.

Last night, Cohen shared her latest sleeved squat PR, which features a monster 195kg/429 lbs. This is a significant lift because it’s not only a personal record for Cohen, but it tops her current all-time world record by a sizable 10kg/22 lbs that she set in August 2017.

In Cohen’s Instagram video’s description she writes, “195kg/429lbs (PR) 10kg over my own all time world record squat in sleeves #outworkeveryone”

Let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane. As mentioned above, this squat unofficially tops Cohen’s current 185kg/407 lb all-time world record by 10kg that she hit at the SPF Reebok Record Breakers meet in November.

Then before that, Cohen held the 182.5kg/402 lb all-time squat world record that she hit at the WRPF Boss of Bosses IV meet last August. At this meet, Cohen hit more than an all-time world record squat, in fact, it was the first that she deadlifted 4x bodyweight on the platform for an all-time world record, which had been a major career goal of hers for quite some time.

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Weighing in at 55kg/121 lbs on the day, Cohen ended the Boss of Bosses IV meet with a 182.5kg/402 lb squat, 92kg/203 lb bench press, and 220kg/485 lb deadlift for an all-time world record. Additionally, her lifts earned her an all-time total world record total of 489kg/1,080 lbs.

Since that August meet, Cohen has blown those numbers out of the water and pushed her deadlift much further. In May, Cohen competed at the Kern US Open (which was a knee wrapped meet) and hit a 200kg/440 lb squat, 97.5kg/215 lb bench press, and 235kg/518 lb deadlift, totaling 532.5kg/1,174 lbs.

As of right now, we’re not certain when Cohen will take the platform next, but from what we can see — she looks ready.

Feature image from @steficohen Instagram page.