Strongman Brothers Tom and Luke Stoltman Share Recovery Tips

Learn how the Stoltman brothers recover after a solid deadlift training session!

Just over a week ago, brothers Tom Stoltman and Luke Stoltman of Great Britain became the first brothers to ever compete against one another in a World’s Strongest Man Finals. The two battled it out it out in Bradenton, Florida, for the title of the 2019 World’s Strongest Man and while Martin Licis of the United States ended up taking home the crown, the brothers still made history and picked up impressive finishes. Tom placed in fifth place — beating out four-time champion Brian Shaw — and Luke picked up a seventh place finish.

After a grueling few days of strongman events, the brothers have recovered and are now up and training for their next competition on July 6th: the Giants Live Wembley event, a strongman event in the SSE Arena in Wembley, England. With the event just around the corner, the Stoltman brothers posted their first YouTube video on their new channel, showing what their training routine looks like at the moment, and their best recovery tips.

Check out the video below:

The brothers get things going with some deadlift action, warming up and then eventually pulling 380kg for a solid training session.

After pulling 280kg for a solid one rep, Tom said, “It was 280kg, but it felt like 100,” and then Luke poked fun at him: “Oh, I’m Tom and I’m so strong, I’m the fifth strongest person in the world.” The brothers laugh it off and then move up in weights.

After getting through several rounds of deadlifts, the brothers went outside to take a dip in Scotland’s painfully cold waters of Loch Ness. The idea here was to use the cold water to enhance recovery. Cold water immersion has grown in popularity as a recovery method, with some evidence suggesting it can reduce inflammation, bruising, and fluid build up following an intense workout.

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The brothers seem to be all for the cold water recovery trick. Even at this year’s World’s Strongest Man, we spotted there were ice water tubs by  the athletes’ tents and the competitors were seen jumping in and out of the tubs between events.

“This is spicy Stoltman recovery,” Luke said in the water.

After a brief dip, the two brothers waded out and closed out the video reminding everyone which one of them is Luke, and which one is Tom. They both mentioned that the 380kg deadlift felt good, and this is the first of many YouTube videos from them to come. This could very well be a new strongman video franchise.

Featured image from the Stoltman Brothers’ Youtube channel.