Powerlifter and Strongman Lukáš Pepř Hits New Czech Log Press Record of 193.4 Kilograms (426.4 Pounds)

The 22-year old bested the previous Czech log press record by just over 13 kilograms.

On May 1, 2022, at the 2022 LogLift Cup in Kladno, Czech Republic, 22-year-old Lukáš Pepř toppled the Czech national log press record by locking out 193.4 kilograms (426.4 pounds). Pepř was one of two strongmen on the day that eclipsed the previous 180-kilogram (396.8-pound) Czech national log press record held by Jirko Vytiska.

According to the Strongman Czech Republic Facebook page, Pepř broke the log press national record on his opening lift of 183.5 kilograms (404.6 pounds). As he appeared to complete the lift “like nothing,” Pepř attempted to break the record again by calling for 193.4 kilograms (426.4 pounds) on the log. Of course, that attempt was not only successful but essentially a strict press by Pepř, who left with an overall event win and his name in the record books. Check out his current Czech national record log press in the video below, courtesy of his Instagram page:


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Before Pepř’s two national record-breaking lifts, Tomáš Sikora exceeded Vytiska’s record first by locking out 181.4 kilograms (399.9 pounds). Technically speaking, that means that Pepř broke the record held by Sikora.

The 2022 LogLift Cup can be viewed in the video below, courtesy of BeStrong’s YouTube channel. It features the Open competition, where Pepř set the national log press record, as well as the U80KG and U125KG weight classes:

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Lukáš Pepř’s Strength Sports Career

At only 22 years of age, Pepř is still relatively early in his strongman career. Like many elite strongmen, he got his start in competitive strength sports as a powerlifter in the superheavyweight division. According to Open Powerlifting, Pepř made his competitive powerlifting debut in 2016 at the Slovenská Asociása Silového Trojboja (SAST) Majstrovstvá Českej a Slovenskej Republiky v silovom trojboji to a runner-up finish.

Pepř has never missed the podium in his powerlifting career, with a gold and two silvers across three sanctioned meets. Notably, he competed in the bench press-only contest of both the Teen & Junior and the Open divisions of the 2020 Federace Ceskeho Silového Trojboje (FCST) Extrifit Cup. He ranked first in the Teen & Junior division and second in the Men’s Raw Open behind Martin Tuček.

Featured image: @lukaspepr on Instagram