2022 Clash on the Coast Results — Isaac Maze and Melissa Peacock Victorious

Kira Wrixon, Nicolai Myers, and Samatha Belliveau notched world records.

The 2022 Clash on the Coast strongwoman and strongman contests took place on April 22-24, 2022, at the Beach House Resort in Hilton Head, SC. The competition featured U82KG Strongwomen competing for a first-place prize of $12,000 and the U105KG Strongmen competing for a top prize of $10,000. Highlights from the competition included new Cyr Dumbbell world records by strongman Nicolai Myers and strongwoman Samantha Belliveau and a new strongwoman deadlift world record by Kira Wrixon

Isaac Maze emerged victorious for the men after five events, including the Cyr Dumbbell, a fridge carry, a deadlift, a frame carry, and the stone over bar. Melissa Peacock reached the top of the podium among the women following a Cyr dumbbell press, a shield carry, a keg toss, a deadlift, a super yoke, and a loading race. The contest was aired on ESPN 2, ESPN 3, ESPNEWS, and ADL Live. Here are the full results below:

2022 Clash on the Coast Results

The prize breakdown for the podium finishers is listed alongside the results.

U105KG Strongmen Contest

  1. Isaac Maze — 50.5 points | $10,000
  2. Matthew McKeegan — 47 points | $3,000
  3. Dan Hughes — 46 points | $2,000
  4. Jesse Nelson — 40.5 points
  5. Nicholas Hein — 39 points
  6. Michael Congdon — 32 points
  7. Bob Schwantz — 28.5 points
  8. Tyler Young — 28 points
  9. Justin Loy — 26.5 points
  10. Mike O’Connor — 25.5 points
  11. Jordan Donaldson — 13 points
  12. Richard Moczygemba — four points

U82KG Strongwoman Contest

  1. Melissa Peacock — 44 points | $12.000
  2. Samantha Belliveau — 39 points | $5,000
  3. Nadia Stowers — 32 points | $3,000
  4. Jodi Kennedy — 27 points
  5. Erin Walklet — 24 points
  6. Rebecca Lorch — 19 points
  7. Jessica Mitchell — 14.5 points
  8. Laura de Berdt Romilly — 12.5 points

Check out recaps of each event for both the U105KG and U82KG competitions below.


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U105KG Strongman Finals

The first event of the U105KG finals was the Cyr dumbbell for reps. With a 60-second time limit, athletes competed in head-to-head heats to perform as many reps as possible with a 95-kilogram (209.4-pound) dumbbell. The second event was fridge carry for 15 meters in the fastest time possible. Event three saw two-person heats of a 306-kilogram (674.6-pound) axle bar deadlift for reps with a 60-second time cap. Event four was a 30-meter frame carry for time, and event five was the stone over bar.

Notably, Myers hit a new Cyr dumbbell world record in the U105KG division with his successful lockout of 114.3 kilograms (252 pounds).


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U82KG Strongwoman Invitational

The strongwoman invitational featured one more event than the men’s contest and began with the Cyr dumbbell for max weight. It was the highlight of Belliveau’s overall runner-up finish as she scored a new U82KG world record in the event by locking out 83.2 kilograms (183.4 pounds).

Event two was a 129-kilogram (284.4-pound) shield carry for distance in 60 seconds. Event three was a keg toss over a four-meter bar. It featured eight implements ranging from 11 kilograms (24.3 pounds) to 18 kilograms (39.7 pounds).

The fourth event was the deadlift for reps in 60 seconds with 204 kilograms (449.7 pounds). Event five was a 15-meter super yoke for time with a one-minute time cap. Event six was a loading race with five implements and a 75-second time cap.

Kira Wrixon, in the Record Breakers event, scored a world record deadlift in the U64KG class with a 230.7-kilogram (508.5-pound) pull.

BarBend will update this article with results from each individual event in both divisions once official scorecards are made available.

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