IFBB Pro Kyle Kirvay Sets National Bench Press Record In His Powerlifting Debut at 140-Kilograms

Kirvay scored a 1,005-kilogram (2,214-pound) total en route to three New Jersey state records in addition to his national record.

On Feb. 19, 2022, IFBB Pro Kyle Kirvay entered his first powerlifting meet. He set a national record, and multiple New Jersey state records en route to his total of 1,005 kilograms (2,215 pounds) in the 140-kilogram (308-pound) weight class in the classic raw (with wraps) category at the 2022 USPA Battle at Atilis, held in Atilis Gym, Bellmawr, NJ. 

2022 USPA Battle of Atilis — Kyle Kirvay | 140KG

  • Squat: 365 kilograms (804 pounds) — New Jersey State Record
  • Bench Press: 275 kilograms (606 pounds) — National & New Jersey State Records
  • Deadlift: 365 kilograms (804 pounds) — New Jersey State Record
  • Total: 1,005 kilograms (2,214 pounds) — New Jersey State Record

Kirvay performed the squat wearing a weightlifting belt and knee wraps. As he moved to the bench press, he got rid of the knee wraps and put on wrist wraps. The IFBB pro bodybuilder appeared confident for his top deadlift attempt when he lifted a monster 365 kilograms (804 pounds). Check out all three of Kirvay’s top lifts from the contest in the video below, courtesy of his Instagram page:


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The 26-years-old Kirvay made his competitive bodybuilding debut in 2017. Here are his professional results thus far, according to NPC News Online

Kyle Kirvay — Bodybuilding Results

  • 2017 NPC Steve Stone Metropolitan Championships — Second place | Open Bodybuilding
    • Men’s Novice Heavyweight First Place | Open Bodybuilding
  • 2017 NPC National Championships — 16th place | Open Bodybuilding
  • 2018 NPC Universe Championships — First place | Open Bodybuilding
  • 2018 NPC Universe Championships — First place | Classic Physique
  • 2020 IFBB Chicago Pro — 16th place | Open Bodybuilding

At the 2018 NPC Universe contest, Kirvay stood atop the podium in the Men’s Open and Classic Physique Class D to earn his IFBB Pro card in both divisions. He caught the attention of strength sports fans with the training videos he posts to his Instagram page that feature some extremely heavy lifts. He is on film hitting a 600-pound bench press, a 765-pound squat, and an 855-pound deadlift. 

Kyle “Tiger” Kirvay monster lifts are in the training range of several of bodybuilding’s all-time greats, including eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman, who’s performed an 800-pound squat in the gym, Johnnie Jackson, who’s hit an 826-pound squat, Stan Efferding, and his 854-pound training squat, Tom Platz, who’s locked out 525-pounds for 23 reps, Chris Cormier, who’s hit a 675-pound squat, and Franco Columbu, who has reportedly scored 655-pound squat in the gym.

Now that Kirvay has experience in both bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions, it will be interesting to see where he opts to compete in the future.

Featured image: @kylekirvay on Instagram