Tom “The Quad Father” Platz Turns 62 and Is Still Squatting Big Weight

Bodybuilding legend Tom Platz is still showing us he can squat big weight at the age of 61. Platz — also known as “The Golden Eagle” or “The Quad Father” — is still regarded to this day to have had some of the best quads in bodybuilding history.

Platz recently turned 62 on June 26th, and he continues to post impressive lifting videos on Instagram, which we felt was fitting to share for his birthday. On January 30th, 61 at the time, Platz posted a squat video saying, “62 on June 26, lol. Thought I would push it a bit because I felt like it. When it ‘feels’ right, you got to go there!”

How much is on the bar? It’s hard to tell. Regardless it’s still crazy impressive that Platz is repping through these with awesome depth at close to 62. Plus, near-perfect mechanics.

Besides his accomplished career and epic quads, Platz is also known for his unique methods and ideologies of training for the legs. Some of his methods are a little unconventional, and to be honest, not necessarily 100% bio-mechanically correct.

Yet, it’s hard to argue with the results they’ve brought him and the many lifters he’s worked with over the course of his career.

Check out the video below, which highlights one of Platz’s hack squat leg day staples.

Platz would utilize the hack squat and emphasize on a drive through the ball of the foot. This in theory and return would help stimulate quad growth. He also believed in producing ample isotension during exercises, or focusing on an isolated area of the body and producing constant tension.

But don’t just chalk up Tom Platz to having great aesthetics and unique training ideas. His legs were crazy strong as well. Let’s not forget the time Platz went head-to-head with Fred Hatfield (Dr. Squat) in a squat competition in 1993.

Platz repped 525 lbs for 23 reps in the insanely impressive video shared below.

Whether you’re a Platz fan or not, it’s hard to argue that his nickname “The Quad Father” isn’t well earned. Even into his 60s, Platz continues to push himself and educate others in the gym.

Feature image screenshot from @platzinum Instagram page.