Watch Terrence Ruffin’s Heavy Push Day During His Prep to Defend the Arnold Classic Title

Ruffin aims to bring a package with a thicker chest to the 2022 Arnold Classic.

With just over a month until the 2022 Arnold Sports Festival, featuring the Arnold Classic, taking place March 3-6, 2022, in Columbus, OH, the defending Classic Physique champion Terrence Ruffin is sharpening his aesthetics. With an emphasis on moving heavy weights during his prep, Ruffin changes his scenery by training in different gyms.

In addition to his recent training session at Westside Barbell, Ruffin performed a heavy push day to build his chest with hypertrophy coach Joe Bennett at what is referenced to be his home gym — decked out with an entire dumbbell rack, power rack, multiple benches, accessory equipment, and more. Check out the full workout via the video below, courtesy of Ruffin’s YouTube channel.

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Ruffin warmed up with sets of banded incline bench presses while wearing wrist wraps. He worked up to what appeared to be 315 pounds with three 45-pound weight plates on each sleeve of the barbell.

Ruffin follows up with seated cable flyes to get his “chest pumpness” going. Using an upright bench allows for more stability and, therefore, the capacity to increase the weight. He triple-set that movement with more presses on the high incline press machine and laying Y-raises to hit the shoulders.

If you can get that cable…to be straight across, that’s your best bet because it’ll be heaviest there.

Bennett routinely discusses exercises setups on his social media, where he advocates setups that line up with your structure. For example, when Ruffin performed his triceps extensions via cable crossovers, the arm position he performs the concentric portion of the rep in is where his arm is naturally positioned. He is not forcing his elbow to remain too tight or too flared to his body — he maintains a stable position and executes the movement with a focus on the contraction and alignment of his joints.


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2022 Arnold Classic

Ruffin, who is known for being an elite poser, practices his posing three times a day. He thinks the judges will have to make many close decisions, which will require athletes on stage to hold every required pose for an extended period.

Holding those positions on stage can require a lot of endurance and training to grow accustomed to maintaining them longer than his competition could be the difference between retaining or conceding his Arnold Classic crown. We’ll see if Ruffin’s attention to detail and commitment to posing endurance pays dividends in the first week of March.

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