2022 World’s Strongest Man Contest To Feature First-Ever Fan Festival

The VIP ticket part of the festival offers all-inclusive food and drink, live competition viewing access, and meet & greets with strongmen.

The 2022 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) competition is scheduled from May 24-29, 2022, in Sacramento, CA — the second of three years in that city. In 2021, Tom Stoltman won his first WSM title in front of a small but dedicated crowd during a week that saw temperatures hit as high as 108 degrees. Despite that heat and the naturally long periods between events in the elite strongman competition, those fans still showed up and cheered on their favorite strongmen.

However, fan access in 2021 was constantly in flux due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In 2022, the WSM contest aims to welcome fans back to the competition scene with its first-ever Fan Festival. The Fan Festival will be free and open to the public at the Capitol Mall in downtown Sacramento. According to WSM’s press release:

There will be food trucks, tents showcasing local vendors, special events and giveaways, as well as a general admission viewing area so fans can catch all the action live.

Additionally, there will be VIP tickets available for those who want access to premium viewing areas of the WSM contest, all-inclusive food and drink, and meet & greets with the strongmen.


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2022 World’s Strongest Man

The roster is expected to include 30 of the world’s top strongmen, though only 29 are thus far confirmed at the time of this article’s publication. In no particular order, they are:


  1. Mitchell Hooper (Canada)
  2. Pavlo Kordiyaka (Ukraine)
  3. Rob Kearney (USA)
  4. Gabriel Peña (Mexico)
  5. Kelvin de Ruiter (Netherlands)
  6. Kim Ujarak (Greenland)
  7. Maxime Boudreault (Canada)
  8. Mark Felix (UK)
  9. Pa O’Dwyer (Ireland)
  10. Shane Flowers (UK)
  11. Jean-Stephen Coraboeuf (Australia)
  12. Bobby Thompson (USA)
  13. Aivars Smaukstelis (Latvia)
  14. Adam Bishop (UK)
  15. Evan Singleton (USA)
  16. Eythor Ingolfsson Melsted (Iceland)
  17. Konstantine Janashia (Georgia)
  18. Trey Mitchell (USA)
  19. Mika Törrö (Finland)
  20. Peiman Maheripourehir (Iran)
  21. Luke Stoltman (UK)
  22. Brian Shaw (USA)
  23. Tom Stoltman (UK) — Reigning WSM Champion
  24. Gabriel Rheaume (Canada)
  25. Martins Licis (USA)
  26. Gavin Bilton (UK)
  27. Oleksii Novikov (Ukraine)
  28. Kevin Faires (USA)
  29. Nedžmin Ambešković (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  30. Grzegorz Szymański (Poland)
  31. Mateusz Kieliszkowski (Poland) — Withdrew due to injury on April 6, 2022
  32. Rauno Heinla (Estonia) — Withdrew for an undisclosed reason on April 23, 2022

Those who wish to purchase VIP tickets can do so on www.theworldsstrongestman.com — individual day tickets range from $250 for the qualifying stage to $350 for the Finals. Five-day passes are available for $1,300. All tickets are available at a 10 percent discount with the code: WSM2022VIP.

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