Maxime Boudreault Wins Inaugural 2021 Magnus ver Magnusson Strongman Classic

The Canadian braved the Icelandic cold and took home the gold.

The inaugural Magnus ver Magnusson Strongman Classic (MvMSC) was held at various locations in Iceland on the weekend of Nov. 18-20, 2021. The contest, hosted by its namesake — four-time World’s Strongest Man (WSM) Magnus ver Magnusson — saw 14 athletes clash in six events in the blistering cold. With the snowy Icelandic backdrop, athletes competed in a max stone press, a stone-t0-shoulder medley, a log lift medley, an axle deadlift for reps event, a super yoke, and farmer’s carry medley, and finish with a Húsafell Stone carry.

Maxime Boudreault of Canada excelled above the competition to take first place overall. Here are the full results:

2021 Magnus ver Magnusson Strongman Classic Results

  1. Maxime Boudreault, Canada — 72 points
  2. Eyþór Ingólfsson Melsted, Iceland —  69.5 points
  3. Sami Ahola, Finland — 60.5 points
  4. Kristján Jón Haraldsson, Iceland — 58.5 points
  5. Ryan England, UK — 56 points
  6. Ervin Toots, Estonia — 51.5 points
  7. Sigfús Fossdal, Iceland — 45 points
  8. Pierre Motal, France — 41.5 points
  9. Dennis Kohlruss, Germany — 34 points
  10. Kim Ujarak Lorentzen, Greenland — 33 points
  11. Theodor Mar Guðmundsson, Iceland — 24 points
  12. Stan Carradine, USA — 20 points
  13. Lautaruo Jauregui Lorda, Argentina — 13.5 points
  14. Tómas Darri þorsteinsson, Iceland — 11 points

Boudreault scored event wins in the log lift medley and the deadlift en route to his overall victory. He finished second in all other events, except for the max stone press, where he tied for eighth.

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2021 Magnus ver Magnusson Strongman Classic Recap

Below are recaps of each event of the 2021 MvMSC with video footage of each, courtesy of Rogue Fitness’ YouTube channel.

Event One — Max Stone Press

Each strongman attempts a stone press at a given weight to advance to the next round. The first stone was 105 kilograms. Every athlete lifted it successfully, except for Ujarak Lorentzen and Jauregui Lorda.

  1. Eyþór Ingólfsson Melsted
  2. Ryan England
  3. Sami Ahola (T-third)
  4. Kristján Jón Haraldsson (T-third)
  5. Ervin Toots (T-third)
  6. Sigfús Fossdal (T-third)
  7. Tómas Darri þorsteinsson (T-third)

Two men made it to the round of 133 kilograms — Ingólfsson Melsted and England. The Icelander successfully hit 137 kilograms, and England did not.

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Event Two — Yoke and Farmer’s Carry Medley

The yoke and farmer’s medley witnessed only one man complete the 36-meter course within the 75-second limit. Ahola scored a time of 56.73 seconds to take the overall win.

  1. Sami Ahola — 56.73 seconds
  2. Maxime Boudreault — 36 meters
  3. Ervin Toots — 28.95 meters

The yoke weighed 360 kilograms, and the farmer’s walk was 18 meters in both directions with 140 kilograms in each hand.

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Event Three — Log Lift Medley

The log lift medley consisted of four implements ranging from 120 kilograms to 165 kilograms. Athletes had a 90-second time limit to lift all the logs in the fastest time possible.

  1. Maxime Boudreault — four logs, 35.75 seconds
  2. Ryan England — four logs, 42.92 seconds
  3. Eyþór Ingólfsson Melsted — four logs, 47.37 seconds

Tómas Darri þorsteinsson withdrew from the contest without posting a score in this event.

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Event Four — Stone-to-Shoulder Medley

Like the log lift medley, the stone-to-shoulder medley consisted of four implements with a 90-second time cap. The stones ranged from 100 kilograms to 145 kilograms.

  1. Kristján Jón Haraldsson — four stones, 44.69 seconds
  2. Maxime Boudreault — four stones, 47.44 seconds
  3. Eyþór Ingólfsson Melsted — four stones, 56.72 seconds

Both Carradine and Jauregui Lorda failed to score a single stone. Carradine withdrew from the contest following this event.

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 Event Five — Axle Deadlift for Reps

The axle bar was loaded with 325 kilograms. Athletes were tasked with locking it out as many times as possible in 75 seconds. Boudreault maintained his spot atop the leaderboard with seven reps.

  1. Maxime Boudreault — seven reps
  2. Kim Ujarak Lorentzen — six reps
  3. Ryan England — five reps

Gudmundsson and Fossdal did not score a single rep. Kohlruss withdrew before making an attempt — he was the third athlete to withdraw from the contest.

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Event Six — Húsafell Stone

The final event was the classic Húsafell Stone carry. It weighed 186 kilograms, and the strongmen were tasked with carrying it for distance. There wasn’t a time limit. They walked with the stone until they dropped it.

  1. Sigfús Fossdal — 48.7 meters
  2. Maxime Boudreault — 42.3 meters
  3. Eyþór Ingólfsson Melsted — 42.2 meters

Jauregui Lorda and Ujarak Lorentzen did not make attempts.

Maxime Boudreault won the title of 2021 MvMSC champion by earning 72 points out of a possible 84.

Featured image via Rogue Fitness YouTube channel.