Sandra Bradley and Liefia Ingalls First Women In Recorded History to Lift Husafell Stone

A monumental feat for the sports of strongwoman and stone lifting has been completed!

History has officially been made and written in the sports of strongwoman and stone lifting. Over the weekend, professional strongwoman athletes Sandra Bradley and Liefia Ingalls took a trip to Húsafell, Iceland, to visit the famed Husafell Stone.

It still amazes me to see me with that massive rock in my lap. — Bradley

According to Bradley’s Instagram, until this weekend, there had been no officially recorded documentation of women athletes hoisting the massive 186kg/410 lb stone from the ground and moving it. 

However, like with most monumental strength accomplishment, the Husafell Stone feat has fallen — or has been lifted in this case — to the hands of Bradley and Ingalls. From the Instagram post, both athletes hoisted the 186kg/410 lb stone and moved the stone, which had never been officially documented by women athletes until now. And mind you, the Husafell Stone’s history goes back centuries.

In Bradley’s Instagram post she writes, “It still amazes me to see me with that massive rock in my lap. I can’t begin to describe how much this means to me and how overwhelming and awesome the feeling was to feel the whole weight of the stone in my lap! I know that this is just the beginning of something great.

She continues saying, “Last year during a random conversation Liefia and I had on my couch in Germany, we found out, that we both shared a dream that we had for a very long time.  So we decided to go on this journey together and just do it! We surprised ourselves and picked it up earlier than we thought, but this will definitely not be our first and last time. We’ll be back even stronger.”

Bradley mentioned in the her Instagram post that a video would be coming, so like everyone else, we’re anxiously waiting for the footage of this history writing feat. We’ll embed the video within this article when Bradley officially shares the footage.

This stone-focused strength feat reminds us of Leigh Holland-Keen’s accomplishment when she became the first woman to lift the Dinnie Stones in the fall of last year. Congratulations to both Bradley and Ingalls for their amazing stone lifting.

Feature image from @sunny_b_strongwoman Instagram page and photos from @vikingstrength