Gavin Bilton Wins 2021 UK’s Strongest Man

Lucy Underdown was featured and set a new strongwoman deadlift world record of 300 kilograms (661.4 pounds).

The 2021 Ultimate Strongman UK’s Strongest Man event took place on May 29- 31 and saw the defending champion Gavin Bilton retain the title. The events included an 8,500-kilogram (18,739.3-pound) truck push, a brick lift, a carry and drag medley, the Viking press, and the Atlas Stones (five stones — 100 kilograms (220.5 pounds) to 175 kilograms (385.8 pounds)). Here were the final standings:

2021 UK’s Strongest Man Results

  1. Gavin Bilton — 30 points 
  2. Paul Smith — 27 points
  3. Andy Black — 27 points
  4. Pa O’Dwyer — 26 points
  5. Scott Milne — 25.5 points
  6. Matthew McCoy — 16.5 points
  7. Andrew Flynn — 9.5 points
  8. Louis Jack — 6.5 points

Bilton only won one of the five events (the brick lift) but never placed worse than fifth in any event. This pattern of consistency is similar to how Oleksii Novikov won the 2020 World’s Strongest Man contest. As scoring in Strongman is done by individual points, consistency is rewarded over winning any single event. For example, in this contest, first place, in any event, was worth eight points, second was worth seven points, and so on.


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During the halftime show of the Finals, Mark Felix took the stage to lift a 515-kilogram (1,135.4-pound) partial deadlift successfully.

Strongwoman Deadlift World Record

In addition to Bilton winning the competition for the second consecutive year, the contest featured a strongwoman deadlift world record attempt by Lucy Underdown. The successful attempt of 300 kilograms (661.4 pounds) by Underdown was the first time a strongwoman has ever deadlifted that milestone. The previous record was 290 kilograms (639.3 pounds) scored by Andrea Thompson on the World’s Ultimate Strongman “Feats of Strength” series.

Check out Underdown’s new world record below, courtesy of Ultimate Strongman’s Instagram page:


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Bilton is on the official roster for the 2021 WSM contest, taking place from June 15-20 in Sacramento, CA. Although that competition is just two weeks after the 2021 UK’s Strongest Man and competing in that kind of volume can be taxing, we will see if Bilton can ride the momentum and improve upon his qualifying performance from last year.

Feature image: @gavin_the_bull_bilton on Instagram