Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Greek God Zeus In the BMW iX Commercial for Super Bowl LVI

Goddess Hera, portrayed by Salma Hayek, and Zeus head into retirement.

Super Bowl LVI, scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 13, 2022, will see the Los Angeles Rams clash against the Cincinnati Bengals at the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, CA. As is often the case with the “Big Game,” the commercials aired during the NFL season finale are just as much of a draw for viewers as the potential for a hail mary on the final down of the fourth quarter.

This year, BMW’s new electric vehicle — the BMW iX — has a Super Bowl ad that features seven-time Mr. Olympia winner Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the commercial, Schwarzenegger portrays the Greek god Zeus retiring as father and protector of all gods with his goddess wife Hera, played by actress Salma Hayek. Check it out below:

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The one-minute-long commercial opens on Mount Olympus where Schwarzenegger and Hayek as Zeus and Hera announce to their fellow gods:

The dark skies have spoken. It is time for Zeus and I to retire.

This sudden change in the status quo is met by a flummoxed Poseidon, god of the sea, adorned in dark turquoise robes, who questions, “where will you go?!” A beam of thunder rifles from the hands of Zeus towards the camera. It cuts to black before revealing Zeus in vacation garb, relaxing on a floaty shaped like a slice of watermelon in his backyard pool in Palm Springs, CA.

Zeus’ respite is interrupted as his neighbor requests a jolt of electricity for her electric saw to continue trimming the shrubbery that separates them. These interruptions during Zeus’ relaxation time are a recurring theme throughout the commercial.

Whilst attempting a putt, presumably for par on a golf course, Zeus’ stroke is thrown off by the calling of a fellow player whose golf cart needs a jump. Although flustered, Zeus still helps the somewhat rude golfer — seriously, who interrupts a god in the middle of a putt? — but is over retirement and all the new-fangled contraptions he never learned how to use, like the modern microwave.

Hera, recognizing Zeus’ frustration, particularly when he decides to send a power surge throughout the city causing a massive blackout, decides it’s time for “a little pick-me-up.”


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Sometime later, Zeus is on his front porch putting a leash on Peggie, his pet Pegasus, to go for a walk as though it were a cute little winged doggy. This is a bit of a mythological faux-pas as Greek lore only depicts one Pegasus — the offspring of the gorgon Medusa and Poseidon — who was transformed into a constellation by Zeus.

However, before Zeus and Peggie could go for their sunlit stroll, Zeus’ attire warps from casual summer wear to his Grecian armor. Zeus raises his gaze to see his wife standing in front of a brand new BMW iX — an electric sports activity vehicle with 516 horsepower.

Electricity in its ultimate form.

Hera and Zeus go for a joy ride in their new whip while karaoke-ing the classic hit pop song “Electric Avenue” by Eddy Grant. The streets are vacated, and there is not a single person in sight as all the buildings appear to remain powerless from the aforementioned blackout.

The street lights still, somehow, work. Their red signals are no match for Zeus, though. He uses his lightning powers to turn them all green. BMW iX’s slogan is heard from a cheerful narrator as the camera tilts to the horizon and the commercial cuts to black.

Featured image: @schwarzenegger on Instagram