Arnold Schwarzenegger Announces “Rise of a Champion” Video Series Ahead of 2022 Arnold Sports Festival

The 15-episode video series takes fans inside the minds of elite strongman and bodybuilding athletes.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is turning up the heat for the 2022 Arnold Sports Festival — scheduled for March 3-6, 2022 — with his “Rise of a Champion” series announcement.

On Feb 11, 2022, Schwarzenegger posted a teaser for the new video series on his Instagram. Schwarzenegger doesn’t specify in his post when the series will drop and where folks can watch each episode. However, the teaser for episode one is available on Fanmio’s YouTube channel. (Fanmio is also selling a PPV of the Arnold Sports Festival.)


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The almost two-minute-long video clip features the 2017 Arnold Classic Champion, Cedric “The One” McMillan — who is planning on making a comeback to the 2022 Arnold Classic after missing the 2021 AC due to injury.

Cedric McMillan last competed at the 2020 Arnold Classic, where he placed sixth. Shortly after the show, he suffered four dislocated fingers, a broken collarbone, hip, and ankle in a mountain biking accident.

According to Schwarzenegger’s Instagram post, “Rise of a Champion” is a 15-episode series that will feature top bodybuilding and strongman contenders from the Arnold Classic and Arnold Strongman Classic competitions.

“Each episode gives a look inside the mindset of these athletes and their dedication, focus, and ambition on the road to becoming a champion of their sport,” he writes in the post’s caption.

“I do not go to a competition expecting us to fight each other,” McMillan says in the video. “This is a competition to fight life, be the best you can be.”

The United States Army Instructor announced his decision to compete at the 2022 Arnold Classic on Nov. 20, 2021 — after guest posing at the 2021 NPC Armed Forces Nationals. 

2022 Arnold Classic

The 34th edition of the Arnold Classic will be held at Battelle Grand Ballroom of the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, OH. Eight divisions will battle it out for the top prize — Men’s Open, Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, Pro Wheelchair, Fitness, Figure, Bikini, and Wellness.

The Arnold Classic is an invite-only contest. Like the Olympia, former AC champions receive a lifetime invite to compete any year they wish. Fourteen athletes were slated to compete in the Men’s Open division, but Rafael Brandao, Mohamed Shaaban, and Nathan De Asha withdrew.

Notably, the 2021 Arnold Classic champion, Nick Walker, is not competing this year. Instead, he’s training for the Mr. Olympia (set for Dec. 15-18 in Las Vegas, NV.)

2022 Arnold Classic Bodybuilding Roster

2022 Arnold Classic Men’s Open Bodybuilding Schedule 

  • Prejudging — Friday, Mar 04, 7:00 p.m.-9:30 p.m. * Columbus Convention Center, Battelle Grand
  • Finals — Saturday, Mar 05  7:00 p.m.-10:00 .p.m. Columbus Convention Center, Battelle Grand

* Times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

2022 Arnold Strongman Classic

Since the 2021 ASC was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there were no qualifier events for the 2022 ASC. The 2022 ASC is an invitational contest. 


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2022 Arnold Strongman Classic Roster

2022 Arnold Strongman Classic Schedule 

Here’s a look at the events taking place over two days.

Friday, March 4

  • The Heavy Squat: Rising bar system. Each athlete will have three attempts to establish their max weight using a barbell. (A new event for the Arnold Strongman Classic.)
  • Monster Dumbbell Press for Reps with 275 pounds: Dumbbell taken from floor to overhead for repetitions in 90 seconds.

Saturday, March 5

  • Austrian Oak for Max: Rising bar system. Each athlete will have three attempts to establish their max weight. Starting log weight TBD.
  • Timber Carry: Carry the 880-pound Timber frame up a 35-foot ramp. Straps are not permitted. Time Cap: 30 seconds.
  • Stone to Shoulder: With Odd Haugen‘s Stone. Lift Odd Haugen’s famous “tombstone” from the ground to a stationary position on top of the shoulder for as many reps as possible. Time Cap: 2 1/2 minutes.

Featured Image: Fanmio on YouTube