JF Caron Sets New Hummer Tire Deadlift World Record — 1,202 Pounds

The nine-time Canada's Strongest Man champion had a record-setting performance at the Shaw Classic.

Nine-time Canada’s Strongest Man JF Caron‘s career trajectory has only gone upward. His competitive career includes 10 appearances at the World’s Strongest Man (WSM) contest, where he has only ever matched or improved his competition best at that event. At the 2020 WSM contest, he had made the podium for the first time with a third-place finish behind Tom Stoltman and the eventual winner Oleksii Novikov.

Caron furthered his current hot streak at the inaugural Shaw Classic in Colorado on Dec. 12, 2020. The contest’s namesake and organizer, four-time WSM champion Brian Shaw, ultimately bested Caron to win the event. However, in addition to picking up a silver-medal finish in a contest that saw 10 WSM-level strongmen compete, Caron set a new Hummer-Tire deadlift world record of 545 kilograms (1,202 pounds).

Check out the entire Hummer-Tire deadlift event below courtesy of Brian Shaw’s YouTube channel:

Note: JF Caron’s world record lift comes at 33:50.

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It came down to a battle between Caron and Jerry Pritchett who both managed to best Zydrunas Savickas‘ previous Hummer-Tire deadlift world record of 524 kilograms (1,155 pounds) set at the 2014 Arnold Strongman Classic in Columbus, OH. Savickas was initially set to compete at the Shaw Classic but had to withdraw due to injury. He was replaced by Kevin Faires who finished in seventh place at the 2020 WSM.

Both Pritchett and Caron looked spectacular in this event and were able to surpass Savickas’ previous world record when they both successfully lifted 526 kilograms (1,159.5 pounds). For context, the all-time world record partial deadlift, although using weight plates instead of tires, is 550 kilograms (1,212 pounds) set by Anthony Pernice.

Caron was first to attempt the 545 kilograms (1,202 pounds) lift and it appeared like he still had plenty of gas in the tank afterward. Pritchett failed his first attempt after lifting the barbell above his knees. He decided to keep the battle going as he was able to make a second attempt within his 60-second time limit. Ultimately, he put too much effort into his first attempt and was unable to move the bar.

Feature image from Brian Shaw’s YouTube channel.