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3 Steps To Rebuild Your Barbell Confidence

If you miss lifting and have a hole in your heart shaped like a 45-pound plate, it’s totally understandable. But daydreaming about squats in an actual rack doesn’t mean you’ll feel ready to

Fergus Crawley

Fergus Crawley: A Hybrid Athlete For a Greater Cause

Fergus Crawley of Scotland is a former powerlifter turned hybrid athlete (specializing in both strength and endurance), who performs endurance challenges for charity. Recently, he did a 227kg/501lb back squat, ran a sub

Zack George Joins the BarBend Podcast

Zack George: The UK’s Fittest Man (Podcast)

Today we’re talking to Zack George, who finished the 2020 CrossFit Open in first among males in the United Kingdom. Zack’s journey is an inspirational one: From overweight kid to the UK’s fittest