Natures Bounty Complete Protein and Vitamin Shake

Nature’s Bounty Complete Protein & Vitamin Shake Mix – Is It Just for Women?

Based in upstate New York, Nature's Bounty consider themselves something of a combination health and beauty company. Their marketing emphasizes phrases like "we believe beauty and health go hand in hand" and "beauty starts on the inside," and to...
Perform Better Kettlebell Review

Perform Better Kettlebell Review — Worth The Price?

Perform Better is a strength company that takes the approach of providing a variety of equipment with the thought of "functional fitness" in mind. You'll often see their functional or rehab focused equipment in niche private training gyms, or...
Ensure Original Nutrition Powder

Ensure Original Nutrition Powder Review – Complete Ingredients?

Ensure has a solid reputation as liquid meal replacement. It’s often used by people on the go and in hospitals for patients who have trouble meeting their calorie and micronutrient requirements. Manufactured by Abbott Laboratories, the product debuted in 1973...
Nike Comparison - Metcon 4 VS Free X Metcon

Nike Metcon 4 Vs. Nike Free x Metcon — What’s the Difference?

So far, 2018 has been a great year for cross-training shoes with two new releases from Nike alone. In late December and early January we had the release of the Nike Metcon 4, then on April 1st we had...

Kettlebells USA Metrixx® Classic E-Coat Kettlebell Review — What’s E-Coating?

Kettlebells USA is a company that designs a variety of different pieces of fitness equipment. As their name states, one area of equipment they specialize in is kettlebell production. Their company offers a wide variety of kettlebell products and...
Onnit Kettlebell

Onnit Kettlebell Review — Most Durable Coating?

Onnit has become a name known by many in the strength industry for their supplements and fitness equipment. In terms of fitness equipment specifically, Onnit Kettlebells have increasingly grown in popularity due to Onnit's push for functional training and...
Vega One All In One Shake Review

Vega One All-in-One Shake Review — Is It Totally Natural?

Vega is one of the best known names in vegan nutritional supplements, stating that “you shouldn’t have to choose between clean, plant-based nutrition and on-the-go convenience”They were founded in 2004 and they’ve got a wide range of nutritional products...
Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Review

Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Review — Crazy High in Iron?

Sun Warrior launched in 2008 and with a commitment "to making the best plant-based proteins and superfood supplements." They sell a lot of interesting products, including a few devoted to digestive health, some stuff for immunity, and a greens...
IdealShape Coupon Page

IdealShape Discount Coupon Code

To get 10% off your order of IdealShape supplements, CLICK HERE and use code BarBend10. This discount code/coupon is exclusive to BarBend readers.IdealShape is an American company that produces a variety of nutritional supplements. You may have heard of their...
IdealShape IdealShake Review

IdealShape’s IdealShake Review — The Right Minerals?

Idealshake comes from the Utah-based Idealshape, a company probably best known for their meal replacement shake but which also sells fat burners, collagen supplements, and vitamins and minerals.Idealshake is their flagship product, so it comes in about ten different...


2 Exercises That’ll Get You a One-Armed Chin-Up

There are elite circles of the strength world where even the ability to squat triple your bodyweight won't get you through the door.We’re talking about the peaks...

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