4 Members of CrossFit’s Athlete Advisory Council Announced

2-time Fittest Woman on Earth Annie Thorisdottir and three more former CrossFit Games athletes join the council.

Earlier today, CrossFitHQ announced that four members of the CrossFit Athlete Advisory Council (CAAC) first alluded to last week during the first CrossFit community town hall with new owner and CEO Eric Roza. The four members have a combined 28 years of experience as CrossFit Games competitors, own 3 CrossFit boxes between them, and have extensive professional coaching experience.

Here are the four members of the CAAC:

  • Annie Thorisdottir — 2-time Fittest Woman on Earth, owner of CrossFit Reykjavik.
  • Meredith Root — 30th overall at the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games.
  • Neal Maddox — 2018 CrossFit Games Masters 40-44 champion, owner of X-treme Athletics.
  • James Hobart — member of three CrossFit Affiliate Cup championship teams, co-owner of CrossFit ONE Nation.

According to the announcement, the function of the CAAC is:

…to get insight and input from athletes on the wide range of issues affecting the sport.


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In the announcement, General Manager of the CrossFit Games Justin Bergh said:

“In addition to speaking with individual competitors and groups of athletes, we’ve established the Athlete Advisory Council to tap into the deep experience of some of our most respected athletes. We have already begun engaging with them to make our first online/in-person event a success.

The Athlete Advisory Council plans to expand its participation to include additional athletes over the coming months. This council will provide vital insight around judging, scoring, appeals, and other topics for the two upcoming stages of the Games. It will also provide input on future rulebook changes and competition formats.”

The Professional Fitness Athletes’ Association (PFAA) — a means of representation for functional fitness competitors to have a unified voice and collective bargaining power for their interests — will also “engage directly” with the CAAC.

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