Eric Roza Discusses Culture of CrossFit In Live Interview

The new owner and CEO of CrossFit aims to steer the brand back on course.

Earlier today, the new owner and CEO of CrossFit Eric Roza sat down for a live interview with current acting CEO Dave Castro via Zoom call that was held on CrossFit’s YouTube channel.

The founder and owner of CrossFit Sanitas in Boulder, Colorado shared his excitement over the deal to acquire the company, his goal to support affiliates rebuild once quarantine is over, and his intentions to realign the CrossFit brand with the culture it sought to create in the first place.

If you did not get a chance to watch the interview, you can check it out in full below:

Changing the Culture at CrossFit HQ

At 14:18, Castro notes Roza’s focus on culture, its importance, and how he intends to change the “internal dynamics and internal culture” at CrossFit HQ before asking him to expand on that idea. Here were highlights from Roza’s response:

“You’ve got this brand, that is effectively a corporate brand — we hate to say that, but it’s a corporate brand — where every time you go in its a slightly different experience or sometimes a radically different one. When we think about culture, I always feel culture wants to be authentically aligned with the brand.

As box owners, we’re all orbiting around this common core set of beliefs. I believe the two common core beliefs that are non-negotiable…we build healthy communities.

Roza discusses his passion and joy that he feels working out with others, supporting another all the way to the end, and collectively rejoicing when a workout is completed. 

“I think that essence of CrossFit culture…we need to bring that spirit to everything we do, including CrossFit as a business.”


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Roza intends to commit to the core value statement of “stay humble and keep improving.”

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