Here Are the 18 Items That Go in Dana Linn Bailey’s Grocery Cart

The former Women's Physique Olympia champion shares what stands out to her in the shopping aisles.

A common phrase in fitness is “abs are made in the kitchen.” It implies that training without a sensible diet is unlikely to lead to a lean, muscle-bound physique. Well, to make those abs in the kitchen, one needs the ingredients. So, what ingredients does one of the top bodybuilders in the world use?

On Nov. 14, 2022, the former Women’s Physique Olympia champion, Dana Linn Bailey, shared what’s worthy of a spot in her shopping cart in the grocery store in a video published on her YouTube channel. Check it out below:

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Bailey admits on her drive to the grocery store that her shopping experience is common among elite bodybuilders: she doesn’t need a grocery list because she always buys the same things. Consistency is essential to success in the sport. While the same routine over and over might turn some people off, it does the opposite for Bailey — she gets revved up to toss the same items into her shopping cart.

It’s not necessarily what Bailey is buying that gets her hyped at the grocery mart, but rather what she doesn’t buy. She grazes her hands across the boxes of cookies in the bakery section but gives not into temptation. Her shopping cart is protected from the added sugar that would undo Bailey’s efforts in the gym.

Touch them. Don’t grab them.

Similarly, Bailey ventures to the store’s sushi section to feast her eyes. It’s debatable if store-bought sushi would whet most peoples’ appetites, but Bailey makes a point to at least take a gander when she first enters the market. Unclear what her pick was, but she appeared to take a bite of something before getting her shopping done. It was later clarified that a spicy tuna roll fueled her throughout the shopping spree.

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Wheat bread is the first item to get the nod of approval and land in Bailey’s cart. A low-sugar white wine with a 12 percent ABV is the second pick — 95 calories per glass. Yogurt with honey in the dairy section scores as pick three.

Pick four goes to pepperoni for a planned homemade pizza later that evening. A trend emerged: “unhealthy” foods aren’t forbidden, but macros are typically considered. With nearly every item, Bailey was conscious of their macro breakdown, though she didn’t state specifically if she follows an “if it fits your macros” (IIFYM) lifestyle.

Eggs were the fifth pick, a common bodybuilding staple. Fat-free mozzarella claimed pick six to pair with the pepperoni from earlier. Typically, Bailey gets her protein from her sponsor, Trifecta, but when she needs to supplement their shipments, she opts for poultry. Chicken breasts and ground turkey (93 percent lean) were picks seven and eight, respectively.

High-fiber tortillas claimed pick eight. They toppled into Bailey’s bin with a flip of the wrist and a declaration of only three net carbs per serving. The first pick in the double digits was a single can of Campbell’s soup. A handful of spice bags collectively made up pick 11.

Mustard [calories] doesn’t count.

Pick 12 was awarded to a jar of pickle spears — low in calories, high in sodium. Mustard received the Bailey stamp of approval, as did the jumbo bottle of Frank’s hot sauce. It “goes on everything” and scored pick 13. Bags of rice were marked as pick 14. Peanut butter landed pick 15.

Guacamole, salsa, and romaine lettuce earn their keep. With that, the check-out aisle called after Bailey grabbed some non-kitchen related household items. So, want to grocery shop like a pro bodybuilder? Select 18 items, a roll of sushi, count your macros, and let only your eyes feast in the candy aisle.

Featured image: @danalinnbailey on Instagram