The Rock Lifts Up Your Gym Playlist With His New Rap Verse

Dwayne Johnson breaks into the rap game in a big way on "Face Off."

What has Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson been cooking up in the studio? A stone-cold rap banger, apparently. The actor, fitness personality, businessman, and television star has added another line to his resume — professional rapper. On Oct. 8, 2021, Johnson made his hip-hop debut on “Face Off,” one of the leading singles from Tech N9ne’s new album “ASIN9NE” alongside artists Joey Cool and King Iso. 

While some major rappers like Method ManLil Uzi Vert, and Action Bronson haven’t been shy about flexing their fitness game on social media, The Rock seems to be something of a pioneer as the first famous gym junkie to hop on the mic.

The music video for “Face Off”, which is being rolled out as part of Johnson’s new collaborative clothing line Outlaw Mana with UnderArmour, has already garnered over two million hits on YouTube: 

Johnson broke the news of his hip-hop debut to his 270-million-plus Instagram followers by posting a teaser to the video, where he acknowledged his gratefulness towards Tech, Joey, and Iso: 

“Pumped (and humbled) to drop my first rap song with my brothers, the GOAT  Tech N9ne, Joey Cool, and King Iso.”

Dropping Bars

While this may be Dwayne’s first foray into the rap game, it is far from his first time behind the mic. Prior to his ascent to Hollywood superstardom, the Fast & Furious star cut his teeth in showmanship under the lights in the WWE.

From his wrestling debut in 1996 up to present day, The Rock earned a reputation as one of wrestling’s most renowned promos. He had a particular flair for hyping up crowds and egging on competitors with big outbursts and famous catch-phrases. 

Clearly, he tapped into some of that showmanship to bring his words on “Face Off” to life. His bars are equal parts call to action and self-affirmation, booming his voice over the track as the beat pulls back throughout his verse.

At only 11 lines, Johnson’s verse on “Face Off” is briefer and less intricate than his peers’, but he managed to reference some of his iconic wrestling catch-phrases while employing some slick multi-syllable rhyme schemes as well:

Desecration, defamation, if you wanna bring it to the masses/

Face to face now we escalatin‘ when I have to put boots to asses

The Rock wraps up the track by thanking Tech N9ne for the opportunity and plugging his personal brand of tequila (Teremana), declaring that he performed his verse in one take — proving that he’s got some good lungs as well as an abundance of muscle

On to the Next One

Between crushing it in the gym and taking on multiple film projects, The Rock seems to have endless energy and an unparalleled work ethic. In his verse on “Face Off”, he proudly acknowledged both. 

Johnson may not be aiming for a Grammy just yet, but the 49-year-old multi-hyphenate is clearly hungry to sink his teeth into anything that comes his way. He’s been hinting at a possible future presidential run for a few years now. Johnson is also poised to show off his shredded physique on the silver screen as the titular anti-hero in Black Adam, set to release in 2022.

Featured Image: @therock on Instagram