Jamal Browner (110KG) Grinds Through a Conventional Deadlift PR of 432.5 Kilograms (953.5 Pounds)

Browner inches closer to the legendary 500-kilogram deadlift.

Jamal Browner’s pulling strength does not appear to have a limit. It seems as though every time Browner steps into a gym after having recently hit a deadlift PR, he loads even more weight on a barbell and locks that out too. It’s a routine that has catapulted the imagination of the strength sports towards the possibility of Browner eventually attempting a 500-kilogram (1,102.3-pound) deadlift. That’s a feat only 2017 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) Eddie Hall and 2018 WSM champion Hafthor Björnsson have achieved but is a goal Browner has expressed interest in.

Browner still has a long way to go, but his recent 432.5-kilogram (953.5-pound) deadlift PR in a conventional stance bodes well for future PRs up to the 500-kilogram club. Check out Browner’s raw deadlift PR below, courtesy of his Instagram page — he grinds through the middle portion of the pull but hangs on, clears his knees, and locks it out:


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Browner currently holds the all-time world record raw deadlift in the 110-kilogram class — a 440.5-kilogram (971.2-pound) pull from the 2020 World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF) Hybrid Showdown II, according to Open Powerlifting. Before his most recent PR, Browner PR’d his conventional deadlift exactly one week prior — a 420-kilogram (925.9-pound) pull on March 15, 2022. That lift prompted strongman Nick Best to tag Giants Live owner Colin Bryce in Browner’s Instagram comments to suggest Browner receive an invite to the 2022 World Deadlift Championships (WDC) at the 2022 Giants Live World Open on Aug. 6, 2022. No such invitation has been sent at the time of this article’s publication.

If Browner were to compete at the 2022 WDC, he would deadlift equipped, as the WDC is a max deadlift competition (weight increased in rounds) where lifting suits are permitted. For context as to how heavy the deadlifts are at that contest, here are the results from the 2021 WDC:

2021 World Deadlift Championships Results

  • 1st — Ivan Makarov, 475 kilograms (1,047.2 pounds)
  • 2nd (tie) — Nedzmin Ambeskovic, 453.5 kilograms (999.8 pounds)
  • 2nd (tie) — Adam Bishop, 453.5 kilograms (999.8 pounds)
  • 2nd (tie) — Evan Singleton, 453.5 kilograms (999.8 pounds)
  • 2nd (tie) — Oleksii Novikov, 453.5 kilograms (999.8 pounds)
  • 2nd (tie) — Gabriel Peña, 453.5 kilograms (999.8 pounds)
  • 2nd (tie) — Pavlo Nakonechnyy, 453.5 kilograms (999.8 pounds)
  • 8th (tie) — Mikhail Shivlyakov, 425 kilograms (937 pounds)
  • 8th (tie) — Rauno Heinla, 425 kilograms (937 pounds)
  • 8th (tie) — Andy Black, 425 kilograms (937 pounds)

At that contest, Browner’s latest raw PR would have ranked him above Shivlyakov, Heinla, and Black. Browner has deadlifted 1,000 or more pounds multiple times in training while pulling sumo. He pulled 455-kilogram (1,003.1 pound), 476.3-kilogram (1,050-pound) deadlifts in July 2020, a 465-kilogram (1,025-pound) deadlift in September 2020. Should Browner put on a lifting suit and deadlift against the strongmen above, he would do so at a bodyweight approximately 50 pounds lighter than the next lightest man in the competition (Novikov’s bodyweight hovers around 300 pounds). We’ll see if Browner can continue to hit deadlift PRs at his current pace and if we live in the timeline where Browner becomes the first non-strongman athlete to ever compete at the WDC.

Featured image: @jamal_b15 on Instagram