Jamal Browner (242 lbs) Deadlifts a Massive 971 lbs for All-Time World Record

Browner's incredible performance at Hybrid Showdown II included a new ATWR total and deadlift.

First things first, Jamal Browner pulls some of the biggest deadlifts in the sport. With the seeming ease he employs to do so, it is often necessary to double check that the amount of weight on the barbell is in fact correct.

The 25 year old Browner, competing in the -110kg/242 lb weight class, put on a monumental display of strength this past weekend at the World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF) Hybrid Showdown II where he set a new all-time world record total of 990kg (2,182.5 lb) and a new all-time world record deadlift of 440.5kg (971 lb).

Check out Browner’s squat, bench press, and deadlift attempts that secured the new all-time world record total here from his Instagram page:

Browner’s third deadlift attempt of 432.5kg (953.4lb) etched his name in the record books with the new ATWR total. However, he was was not done there.

Competitors are allowed to make a fourth attempt solely to target world records, but it does not count toward their total. So before we do a full recap of his stats at this meet, let’s take a look at the heaviest raw deadlift of all time in the -110kg/242 lb weight class thanks to Browner’s Instagram page:

Browner moved this weight so smoothly and was even courteous enough to caption this post where he writes: 

440.5kg/971.126 lbs PR!

The previous world record was held by Yury Belkin and his 440kg (970lb) deadlift at the WRPF 2017 World Championships.

For context, Browner’s bodyweight during this meet was 108.6kg (239.4lb). Which means this new record deadlift is four times his bodyweight.

One can only wonder how long this record will stay intact with how Browner made that deadlift look like a warm-up. And it was on his fourth attempt.

Here is the breakdown of Browner’s meet:

  • Squat – 350kg (771.6 lb)
  • Bench – 207.5kg (457.4 lb)
  • Deadlift – 432.5kg (953.4 lb)
    • 440.5kg (971.5 lb) – All-Time World Record
  • Total – 990kg (2182.576 lb) – All-Time World Record

Congratulations to Browner for his tremendous performance at Hybrid Showdown II. We look forward to seeing who along with Browner will attempt to break these records next.

Feature image from Jamal Browner’s Instagram page: @jamal_b15