Danny Grigsby (125KG) Sets All-Time World Record Raw Deadlift of 487.5 Kilograms (1,074.5 Pounds) at 2022 WRPF American Pro

Grigsby advanced his previous all-time world record by 22.5 kilograms

On July 30, 2022, 125-kilogram powerlifter Danny Grigsby set the all-time world record in the raw deadlift again by successfully pulling 487.5 kilograms (1,074.5 pounds) raw at the 2022 American Pro in Manasses, VA. Competing in the 125-kilogram class, Grigsby used his traditional sumo stance and a double overhand hook grip.

Once he stood with the weight, he held a smile on his face as the judge gave the down command. Three white lights later, the celebration was on. The lift can be seen in the video below from Laurence Shahlaei‘s YouTube channel:

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Grigsby pulled 467.5 kilograms (1,031 pounds) on his second attempt. Thanks to both the second and third lifts receiving three white lights, Grigsby pulled off another first in raw powerlifting — successfully deadlifting over 1,000 pounds twice in the same meet. He also advanced his previous all-time raw deadlift world record of 465 pounds (1,025.2 pounds) twice on the same day. For clarity, Grigsby hit the previous all-time world record raw deadlift in the 140-kilogram class. He now holds the world record deadlift in the 125-kilogram and 140-kilogram classes.

The summary of his day can be seen below:

2022 WRPF American Pro — Danny Grigsby | 125KG

  • Squat: 350 kilograms (771 pounds)
  • Bench Press: 207.5 kilograms (457 pounds)
  • Deadlift: 487.5 kilograms (1,074.75 pounds) — All-Time Raw Deadlift World Record
  • Total: 1,045 kilograms (2,302.75 pounds)

It was in March 2022 that Grigsby became the first man to pull 1,000 pounds raw in a full power meet. He successfully lifted 465 kilograms (1,025 pounds) at the USPA Virginia Beach Classic 2 meet. His latest lift adds almost 50 pounds to that previous world record.


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Grigsby is now within 12.5 kilograms of reaching the previously unimaginable 500-kilogram mark. No powerlifter has ever realistically approached that before, and only two strongmen have pulled that weight in history. 2017 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) champion Eddie Hall was the first to pull the half-ton in 2016, and 2018 WSM champion Hafthor Björnsson broke Hall’s record by one kilogram in May 2020. However, both Hall and Björnsson used deadlift suits and figure eight lifting straps in a conventional stance. Grigsby pulling only 12.5 kilograms less without the use of either a suit or straps certainly puts him in the conversation of the greatest deadlifters ever

As of this writing, Grigsby has not announced when he will compete in his next sanctioned meet or if he has the elusive 500-kilogram raw deadlift in his sights. Whenever he does return to the competitive lifting platform, expect history to be rewritten again.

Featured Image: @dan_grigs on Instagram