Watch This 80-Year-Old Deadlift 150 Kilograms (330.7 Pounds) Raw On His Birthday

Mange of Norway had a smooth bar path to the lockout and then walked it back to the rack.

There seems to be a growing trend within the powerlifting and strength communities — celebrating one’s birthday with heavy deadlifts. The most notable is likely powerlifting world record holder Rudy Kadlub, who is known for his 500-plus pound deadlifts on his birthday.

On Sept. 19, 2022, another athlete took part in the trend. Magne of Norway pulled 150-kilogram (330.7-pound) deadlift on his 80th birthday, raw. The lift was performed with an overhand grip and a lifting belt in a conventional stance. What really stood out about the lift was that once it was locked out, Magne didn’t drop or lower the weight.

Instead, Magne, whose last name wasn’t disclosed in the post, walked it back to the rack — onlookers did not step in to help until the very end to actually re-rack the weight. He took four steps with the barbell locked out. Check it out below:


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While it was not disclosed what Magne’s body weight was at the time of the lift, this was a long-term goal weight for him. Alongside his physical therapist, they planned for him to attempt this deadlift on his birthday.

This was not simply a feat of strength as Magne enters his ninth decade on Earth, but more to help his family. Per the caption on the post:

His wife is physically handicapped. Magne is training to be strong enough to help her so that she can continue to live at home.

Magne is a member of Sats Norge, which is a full-body training program that features 16 full-body workouts. Each workout is 30 minutes long, and the program dictates two workouts per week for beginners.

Given the joy that spread across Magne’s face post deadlift as he received praise from those in the gym with him, we may get to see him load more weight on the barbell when he celebrates his 81st birthday.

If he follows the routine he did for his 150-kilogram lift, it’s anyone’s guess how heavy he could pull next time.

Featured image: @satsnorge on Instagram