Larry Wheels Deadlifts an Insane 855 lb Triple

It might be safe to say that Larry Wheels and his lifting don’t really apply to traditional thoughts on training. Wheels is linearly progressing, but at a rate that continues to leave many fans and spectators scratching their heads. How can someone at such an elite level still progress as if he just started lifting?

We’re not completely sure how to answer that question, but we’re happy we get to witness Wheels continue to push the envelope of what’s humanly possible. Could Wheels be ushering in a new era of strength athletes?

From his latest videos, it appears as though Wheels is in California visiting Bradley Martyn’s gym Zoo Culture. We can only imagine the synergistic energy that these two athletes are most likely bringing to every training session, and maybe that explains Wheels’ latest string of PRs. In his latest video, Wheels smokes a deadlift triple PR with an incredible weight of 387kg/855 lbs, and looked like he wanted a fourth before stopping the set.

Back in late September, we wrote about one of Wheels’ deadlift PR singles and that was a strong 381kg/840 lbs. Since, we’ve covered some of Wheels’ biggest deadlifts like this 394kg/870 lb pull and this lifetime 408kg/900 lb deadlift. In our opinion, it’s only a matter of time until Wheels is pulling 400kg/880 lbs for a triple.

[Watch Wheels squat 700 lbs, bench press 585 lbs, and deadlift 800 lbs all for triple in the span of 36-minutes!]

Outside of his monster deadlift triple, Wheels also hit a bench press AMRAP PR at Zoo Culture. Four days ago, Wheels shared a bench press video that has once again left the internet shook at his work capacity. Check out his latest 227kg/500 lb set of 11 below.

It’s always exciting to watch Wheels deadlift new PRs because he’s getting scary close to nearing the 900 lb (routinely) and 1,000 lb milestones. What weight will his next 1-RM video feature? We’ll have to wait to find out.

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Feature image from @larrywheels Instagram page.