Maria Htee (-57kg) Sets Two IPF World Records At Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships

Maria Htee's squat and total were both new IPF World Records!

We knew Canadian powerlifter Maria Htee would come to the Commonwealth Championships hungry. The -57kg athlete was coming off a first place performance at the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Classic Powerlifting Championships in Sweden from this past June, where she swept the -57kg category and finished with a 472.5kg total, which was good enough for an Open World Record. 

This weekend, she showed up ready to top that. Htee put on an incredible performance at the Commonwealth Championships by setting two world records. She squatted 178.5kg to set a new world record in theIPF -57kg  Open category, and also set a new world record total with 473.5kg. She broke Megan Scanlon‘s previous squat world record of 178kg. 

Her competition best lifts from the weekend looked like this:

  • Squat: 178.5kg
  • Bench: 97.5kg
  • Deadlift: 197.5kg
  • Total: 473.5kg

Htee told BarBend that she missed her third attempt on bench at 100kg. “Had a minor pec injury so bench took a bit of a hit.” Even with the bench not living up to Htee’s expectations, her entire lift totaled for a new world record. Not a bad day, to say the least.

Check out Htee’s performance from the Commonwealth Championships below,

Her squat this past weekend was 6kg over her squat at the the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships. At the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships, the -57kg showdown between Htee and Scanlon has been hard to forget.

They battled it out all the way through the deadlifts, with Htee eventually earning the first place victory.

Leading up to this competition it was clear Htee was in full preparation mode. Although a humble sharer on her social media channels, she was keeping everyone up to speed with a pretty consistent sharing pattern of training videos. She shared some particularly impressive squat training work, like taking 165.5kg for a double after volume reps.

We’re looking forward to the next time Htee competes, because right now she’s been consistently making a strong case as being one of the best -57kg lifters in the world. 

Featured image from @maria_htee Instagram page.