Powerlifter Jessica Buettner (76KG) Deadlifts 405 Pounds for 12 Reps

The IPF record-holder weighed herself in at 78 kilograms (171) before her 184-kilogram set.

Christmas may be a time of rest for some, but it definitely wasn’t a day off for Jessica Buettner. The 76-kilogram International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) record-holder pulled a solid 183.71 kilograms (405 pounds) for 12 quick reps to celebrate the holiday. According to Buettner’s Instagram, where she posted the lift, Buettner weighed 77.56 kilos (171 pounds) that day.

This impressive set is not surprising for anyone who’s followed Buettner’s career, which includes three International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) records and a career-best 250-kilogram (551-pound deadlift. With a one-rep max that heavy, the Canadian seemed to have little issue moving 405 pounds for 12 reps. Buettner wore lifting straps (which aren’t allowed in powerlifting competitions) and a weightlifting belt. You can check out the video on her Instagram here:


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Buettner’s Powerlifting Career

In total, Buettner has competed in 17 sanctioned powerlifting competitions, according to Open Powerlifting, and has never placed lower than second. What’s more, Buettner has won 15 of those competitions. She’s won Canadian Nationals three times (2015, 2019, 2020), and logged four World Classic Powerlifting Championship wins (2016 and 2018 as a Junior and 2019-2020 in the Open division.)

In fall 2021, Buettner set a 76-kilogram IPF record at the International Powerlifting Federation World Open Classic Championships in Halmstad, Sweden. She hit an IPF record-breaking total of 563 kilograms (1,241.2 pounds) while also breaking the IPF record with a 247.5-kilogram (545.6-pound) deadlift. She rounded out that performance with a 210.5-kilogram (464.1 pound) squat and 105-kilogram (231.5 pound) bench press.

At the 2020 Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU) National Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships, she set unofficial IPF world records for the 72-kilogram division with a 210-kilogram (463-pound) squat, 250-kilogram (551-pound) deadlift, and 562.5-kilogram (1,240-pound) total.

Buettner is also no stranger to impressive training sessions. Back in 2019, when she was a 72-kilogram lifter, she pulled 228 kilograms (500 pounds) for five reps at a Deadlift4Cancer competition in Canada. And in May 2020, she performed a beltless deadlift triple at 220 kilograms (485 pounds) in her living room. (She didn’t disclose her weight that day.)

The 26-year-old seems to just keep lifting heavy, regardless of her competition weight. It’ll be interesting to see what she does in her next competition (or her next training session).

Featured Image: @djessicabuettner/Instagram