Jessica Buettner Dominates CPU National Championships, Sets Unofficial World Records

Check out the new squat, deadlift, and total unofficial world records at -72kg!

It is almost expected that when Jessica Buettner is making waves in the powerlifting world, it is because she just deadlifted some obscenely heavy weight or flawlessly crushed a competition.

She did both yesterday with her absolutely unstoppable performance at the 2020 Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU) National Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships. Competing in the -72kg weight class, she set three new unofficial IPF world records for the squat, deadlift, and total, and smashed a slew of personal bests. Here are her stats from the event:

  • Squat: 210kg/463lb – Unofficial IPF World Record, 12.5kg/27.5lb PR
  • Bench Press: 102.5kg/226lb – 5kg/11lb competition PR
  • Deadlift: 250kg/551lb – Unofficial IPF World Record, 12.5kg/27.5lb PR 
  • Total: 562.5kg/1,240lbs – Unofficial IPF World Record, 18kg/40lb PR

Check out the incredible 250kg/551lb deadlift below courtesy of Buettner’s Instagram page:


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This might be the smoothest demolishing of a world record we have ever witnessed. For those not in the know, although the CPU follows the rules and guidelines set by the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF), this event was not an internationally IPF sanctioned event and therefore the records Buettner set are unofficial.

That does not discount Buettner going a perfect nine for nine across the competition though, and in fairly trying physical condition as well. According to Buettner’s coach, Justin Reeson, Buettner had to spend six hours cutting 3.6kg/8lb the day before the meet. This was Buettner’s tenth meet with Reeson as her coach.

Check out Buettner’s 210kg/463lb squat below from Manny Prieto’s Instagram page:


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She blew past Elovikova Angelina’s world record 203.5kg/448.6lb squat by 6.5kg/14lb and 543.5kg/1,198lb total by 9kg/20lb. Buettner also pulled 6kg/13lb more than Kimberly Walford’s world record deadlift of 244kg/538lb.

Buettner’s performance already compelled the IPF to add her to the discussion as a potential world champion in 2020, and her followers on Instagram seem to be in agreement that had she been one of the twelve female athletes selected to compete at the IPF 2020 Sheffield Powerlifting Championships on March 29th, she would now be the odds on favorite to win it all.

Feature image from Jessica Buettner’s Instagram page: @djessicabuettner