Powerlifter Jessica Buettner (-72kg) Just Pulled 500 lbs For Five Reps!

She pulled more than triple her body weight for five easy reps!

Canadian powerlifter Jessica Buettner pulled an insane 228kg/500lbs for five reps over the weekend at a Deadlift4Cancer competition in Saskatoon, a city in Saskatchewan, Canada. The best part about this lift was that she also did it in a full Halloween costume, and all of the proceeds from the event go to the Surviv(her) Cancer Foundation.

Buettner competes as a -72kg athlete and most recently placed in first at the Commonwealth Championships in September. She pulled 243.5kg/536.8 lbs at the Commonwealth Championships, which is kind of insane to think that she just deadlifted 228kg/500lbs for five reps — while in very different contexts — is just 15.5kg less than her single pull at the Commonwealth Championships.

Check out her lift below,

500lbs/228kgs x 5 @deadlift4cancer last night!! 

Seven months ago, we wrote about Buettner when she pulled 205kg for five reps in training. At that time, we thought that deadlift set was insane because she crushed it only a couple weeks after she set a national Canadian deadlift record with a big-time 510-pound lift. And now she’s pulling almost that weight for sets of five!

We’re excited to see what Buettner pulls when she competes next, but for now we’re enjoying her creative Halloween costume, dedicating herself to a noble cause, and of course hitting insane numbers all at the same time!

Oh, and for those wondering what Buettner’s Halloween costume was for the event? She went with a deadlift zombie-look!

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Before this meet it has been fun to watch Buettner break up her deadlift training with some Olympic weightlifting. She admitted she’s definitely lifting like a powerlifter, but still managed to max out on clean & jerk and snatch!

She clean & jerked 93kg/205lbs, and snatched 55kg/121lbs. It’s always awesome seeing elite athletes step out of their comfort zones to challenge their strength in different ways. 

Featured image from @djessicabuettner’s Instagram page.