Watch Rapper Method Man Take 475 Pounds to School for New Deadlift PR

The 50-year-old Wu-Tang Clan member is moving weights 'round and round' in the gym.

Just days before the Earth rotated around the sun to enter into the year 2021, Grammy award-winning rapper Clifford Smith Jr. — perhaps more widely known as Method Man — took to his Instagram page to show off a 215.5-kilogram (475-pound) deadlift personal record. The Wu-Tang Clan member, who turned 50 on March 2, 2021, has routinely shared his progress in the gym since the start of the quarantine caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Usually, he is lifting raw in a conventional stance while wearing a black baseball cap or beanie, fresh red outfit, and kicks to match. Gimmicks and fashion aside, Method Man’s videos have shown a steady progression of increased strength leading up to this latest PR. Check out his 215.5-kilogram (475-pound) deadlift PR in the video below courtesy of his Instagram page:


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The cameraman of the video can be heard right as Method Man locks out the lift:

Light work. What’d I tell you?

Even though he didn’t share his bodyweight at the time of the lift, he maintained a straight back, showed solid bracing, and had a smooth bar path. This was a super smooth deadlift, particularly for one’s heaviest pull ever. A week prior to this lift, Method Man successfully hit a slow and controlled 206.4-kilogram (455-pound) triple. His Instagram bio currently reads “Training-Is-Commitment-And-Lifestyle” and it appears he is living up to that sentiment.


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Rapping and Lifting

Method Man isn’t the only rapper who eventually found their way into following a serious gym routine. Take a look at before and after pictures of Busta Rhymes before and after he bulked up. Even Action Bronson has gotten into the action by adding strongman movements into his training that has seen him drop 127 pounds off the scale.

With the pace Method Man is on, it likely won’t take long for him to pull the 226.8-kilogram (500-pound) milestone. We look forward to seeing it when he does.

Feature image from Method Man’s Instagram page: @methodmanofficial