How to Watch the Boss of Bosses IV Powerlifting Meet FREE (Plus Lifters of Note)

Set your reminders, because the Boss of Bosses IV powerlifting meet has been available for free livestream. This year the meet is being held on August 25-26th, and is taking place at Dan and Sparkle Green’s Boss Barbell Club. Check out the two videos embedded below for the livestream for each competition day.

Each day’s lifting will begin at 9 A.M. PDT, and it will be run as a single platform event.

Friday, August 25th – Open Meet

Saturday, August 26th – Invitational Meet

Every year, the annual WRPF Boss of Bosses meet attracts some of the world’s best powerlifters. Last year, there was the epic 220 lb showdown between Kevin Oak, Yury Belkin, and Dan Green.

This year, we’re anticipating a similar action packed meet, especially on the invitational Saturday pro day. Check out some of the incredibly strong line-up below, along with content we’ve written on these athletes in their prep over the last few months.

1. Stefanie Cohen

Cohen has been crushing big weight in her training, and is currently chasing the four times bodyweight deadlift. She competes in the 123 lb weight class, and will be competing Saturday in the invitational meet.

Check out her recent 200kg (440 lb) four rep deadlift.

2. Kevin Oak

Oak, or Oakstrong, as most know him on social media will also be competing Saturday. Unlike last year, Oak has moved up a weight class to 242 lbs, and has been moving insane weight throughout his prep.

Check out his 370kg (815 lb) deadlift PR from mid-July.

3.  Mariana Gasparyan

Gasparyan holds multiple all-time records for the women’s 132 lb weight class. This past April, she set a new all-time world record total of 555kg (1,221 lbs) at 60kg (132 lbs), and a 230kg squat (with & without wraps) record at the CETC US Open.

Check out Gasparyan’s 230kg squat record from the Open.

4. Cailer Woolam

Woolam has been making waves for his deadlift strength over the last year. He’s set to compete in 220 lb weight class, but recently strained a pec, yet will still be competing. While his pec is strained, we still plan to see Woolam put up insane deadlift numbers.

Check out his recent 412.5kg deadlift, which narrowly edges out the 220 lb current record held by Yury Belkin.

5. Damien Pezzuti

Pezzuti has been making his comeback to the competitive scene over the last few months, and recently hit a career best beltless 700 lb back squat. He plans to compete in the 198 lb weight class.

Check out the 700 lb squat video from last week below.

6. Yury Belkin

Last, but not least on our list. Belkin has made a name for himself by putting up some serious weight in competition, especially in the deadlift. He knocked off Ed Coan’s long standing record back in April with a 410kg (903.9 lb) deadlift at 220 lbs bodyweight.

Check out his 410kg pull below.

This is only a small list of the lifters you can expect to see at this year’s Boss of Bosses IV. If we missed your favorite lifter, we apologize. There are too many insanely athletes to list for one article.

Feature image screenshot from @doctor.deadlift Instagram page. 

Jake Boly

Jake Boly

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