Damien Pezzuti Crushes a 700 lb Beltless Back Squat

Damien Pezzuti has been absolutely crushing weight in his training over the last few months. One of his recent videos has caught a lot of attention within the powerlifting community. It features a beltless and sleeveless 700 lb squat.

The squat was incredibly smooth, and 700 has been an ongoing goal for Pezzuti throughout his powerlifting career. This squat will be the last heavy leg movement Pezzuti will perform before Boss of Bosses 4, as he states in video’s description. Check out the crazy clean lift below.

In Pezzuti’s Instagram video’s description, he writes, “700 has fallen, last max out before #bossofbosses. Thank you, @kelseyhorton1989 for all of your encouragement and support along the way. I finally achieved a goal I’ve had for a very long time.”

Pezzuti will be competing in the 198lb weight class at the annual WRPF Boss of Bosses 4 event. This year the event is being held August 25-26th, at Dan and Sparkle Green’s gym, Boss Barbell Club.

All of Pezutti’s recent videos have been huge lifts, and he’s posted a picture of the program he’s been following to prep for BOB4 on his page. If you’re interested in Pezutti’s current program, then read through the Instagram post below. It’s not for the faint of heart.

While this squat’s weight may be a new feat for Pezutti, he’s certainly no stranger to moving big numbers. Before an injury kept Pezutti out of heavy training for a couple years, he held the 181 lb all time world squat record, which has since been broken by Aleksey Nikulin’s 749 lb squat from June, 2016.

In Barbell Brigade’s YouTube video from April, 2015, they cite Pezutti having the previous all time record with a 661 lb squat, and a best in training squat at 690 lbs.

Hopefully Pezutti can keep the big lifts coming as he heads into Boss of Bosses 4. Will he hit a 700+ lb squat this meet? Only time will tell.

Feature image screenshot from @damienpezutti Instagram page.