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resistance band pullapart

How to Work Around a Rotator Cuff Injury

The shoulder is a shallow ball and socket joint that has the handy ability to move in multiple directions. This allows you to lift humongous weights, throw baseballs and footballs really hard, or

women strength sports history

The Untold History of Women in Strength Sports

Immersed in a cultural moment in which it may seem that strong women are more celebrated than ever, are women in fitness in fact bursting into weight rooms, packing on plates, cranking out

CBD oil

What Every Athlete Should Know About CBD

It’s legal now. It’s no longer on the World Anti Doping Agency’s prohibited list. And a new company seems to be launching every other day — is it time you tried cannabidiol? Some

testosterone featured

The Best Natural Ways to Increase Your Testosterone

There’s actually not much evidence exercise increases testosterone. That may sound like heresy, but of all the topics out there in the world of fitness and supplementation, increasing testosterone may be the one

Paul Biryukov chinup featured

3 Longevity Benefits of a Super Strong Grip

The human hand is almost the perfect gripping machine. With our long opposable thumbs that allows us to grip, its is a throwback to our great ancestors that use to swing from the


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