Danny Grigsby (125KG) Scores Powerlifting’s First Ever 1000-Plus Pound Raw Deadlift In a Full Power Meet

Grigsby locked out a raw world record deadlift of 465 kilograms (1,025.2 pounds) at the 2022 USPA Virginia Beach Classic 2.

History was made at the United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) Virginia Beach Classic 2 on March 26, 2022. Powerlifter Danny Grigsby, competing in the raw 125-kilogram weight class, became the first athlete to deadlift over 1,000 pounds in a full power meet successfully — a raw 465-kilogram (1,025.2-pound) pull on his third attempt. His all-time milestone performance was forged via the following stats:

USPA Virginia Beach Classic 2 Results — Danny Grigsby | 125KG

  • Squat — 275 kilograms (606.3 pounds)
  • Bench Press — 200 kilograms (440.9 pounds)
  • Deadlift — 465 pounds (1,025.2 pounds) — All-Time World Record
  • Total — 940 kilograms (2,072.4 pounds)

According to Open Powerlifting, the previous all-time heaviest raw deadlift ever achieved in a full power meet was 440.5 kilograms (971 pounds) by powerlifter Jamal Browner at the 2020 World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF) Hybrid Showdown II in the 110-kilogram class. By a staggering 24.5 kilograms (54 pounds), Grigsby exceeded that mark by utilizing a sumo stance and wearing a lifting belt. Check out Grigsby’s record deadlift below, courtesy of Nabil Lahlou‘s Instagram page:


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In a recap of his performance on his own Instagram page, Grigsby remarked about lifting “not pushing as hard” in the squat and “starting to get over mental barriers” in the bench press. He referenced competing again in the summer of 2022 and struggling with hip shift issues in the squat. To avoid injuring his quads, which has happened on multiple occasions, and potentially setting back his progress, he tempered the weight on the barbell to a more reasonable load.

Of course, a 600-plus pound squat is still a strong showing, even though his competition-best squat is 337.5 kilograms (744.1 pounds) from the 2020 USPA Iron Mongers Pro Day. The speed with which he ascended to the lockout in Virginia is worth a double-take. Check it out in the video below:

Note: the videos are in reverse order from the meet. Scroll left once to see Grigsby’s bench press and twice to see his squat.


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All-Time World Record Deadlift

Grisby expressed in his caption that he felt capable of exceeding a 1,000-pound deadlift following his performance at the 2021 WRPF The Bucked Up Showdown in September 2021. At that contest, he set the world record for the raw 140-kilogram class by matching Benedikt Magnússon‘s 440-kilogram (970-pound) deadlift — the second heaviest deadlift ever behind Browner. Grigsby missed his third attempt of 455 kilograms (1,003.1) pounds at that contest but hit it at the 2022 USPA Virginia Beach Classic 2 before exceeding it again on his third attempt.

When Grigsby competes in the summer of 2022, his goal is upwards of a 1,043.3-kilogram (2,300-pound) total. If he were to achieve that — which certainly seems possible given how much more weight he has previously proven he can squatting and bench pressing — it would be the second heaviest total of all time at 125-kilograms. Only Zac Meyers‘ 1,053-kilogram (2,321.5-pound) world record total from the 2020 USPA No Luck Needed Open would rank above it.

Featured image: @kinng_67 on Instagram