Powerlifter Jessica Buettner Deadlifts a Ridiculous 545 lbs

This is an insanely strong deadlift.

It has been an explosive couple of years for Canadian powerlifter Jessica Buettner and she is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

In her latest Instagram video, Buettner pulls a monstrous 247kg/545 lb deadlift PR that has shaken the strength sports social media community and has added more excitement towards her next meet. After all, this deadlift unofficially tops the current -72kg IPF World Record held by powerlifting legend Kimberly Walford.

She writes in her Instagram video’s description, “DEADLIFT PR! 545lbs/247kgs Wasnt really planning this today but the @dymatize preworkout had me wide awake, and my blood sugar was low so I had to do ammonia anyways and here we are!”

Multiple top athletes shared their comments on Buettner’s video. Swedish powerlifter Isabella Von Weissenberg wrote, “Yasssss girl,” and elite powerlifter Chelsea Savit added, “Wowwwww. F*cking incredible lift!”

Currently, Buettner is prepping for CPU Nationals, which are taking place in roughly six weeks. As of right now, Buettner holds three CPU National records and they are as follows:

  • -72kg Squat: 197.5kg
  • -72kg Deadlift: 237.5kg
  • -84kg Deadlift: 243.5kg

Outside of her latest deadlift, Buetter has also been moving big weight in the cage and shared a smooth 200kg/440 lb back squat recently. She points in her video’s description that she’s only hit this weight a handful of times in the gym. 

Back in early 2018, we first covered Buettner’s lifting when she pulled 211kg/465 lbs as a junior at 78kg bodyweight, then soon after we reported on the time she pulled 220kg/485 lbs at CPU Nationals. Following CPU Nationals and all throughout 2019, Buettner’s career has snowballed with handfuls of impressive accolades and big lifts across the board as evident above. 

We’re not ones to jump to conclusions, but if she’s able to keep this momentum up over the next month heading into CPU Nationals, then we have a really good feeling that we’ll be writing about Buettner again in the very very near future!

Feature image from @djessicabuettner Instagram page.

Jake Boly

Jake Boly

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