Larry Wheels Deadlifts 425 Kilograms Raw, Teases Upcoming Personal Record Attempt

Wheels didn't share how heavy he will attempt to pull in August, but it will be big enough to garner hype for.

Powerlifter and strongman Larry Wheels recently showed how far his deadlift has improved since 2020. He took to his Instagram page on May 3, 2022, and posted a video wherein he pulled 425 kilograms (937 pounds) raw. While the lift was done presumably as part of his prep for the 2022 Middle East’s Strongest Man contest coming in August 2022, Wheels further teased that he would attempt a deadlift PR around that same time. Again, presumably, he will attempt that PR in sanctioned strongman competition.

Check out Wheels’ massive deadlift in the video below. He pulled the barbell barefoot and wore a lifting belt and lifting straps. Notably, lifting straps are not legal for raw lifts in sanctioned powerlifting meets; they are legal for strongman contests. Likewise, hitching during a deadlift is illegal in powerlifting but legal in strongman. Wheels did not need to hitch as the weight appeared to move smoothly to the lockout, where he held it for approximately three seconds before a controlled eccentric.


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In Wheels’ caption to the post, he lists the weight as “925 [pounds]/425 kilograms.” However, 425 kilograms equates to 937 pounds, and it appears that the weight plates and barbell he used are weighed in kilograms — eight 25-kilogram weight plates on each barbell sleeve and a standard 25-kilogram barbell equals 425 kilograms. It’s unclear if it was a typo in the caption or if Wheels thought he was pulling 12 pounds less than he was, but the lift remains impressive.

For a sense of how far Wheels has progressed his deadlift over the past two years, he attempted the same weight as in the video above in July 2020, except he performed it equipped. The difference between wearing a lifting suit or pulling raw is significant, and Wheels has built the strength to ditch the extra equipment.

Given that Wheels is preparing for strongman competition, where a common event is a max deadlift event, it wouldn’t be suspect to assume that the event will feature each athlete establishing the heaviest deadlift they can pull. If that’s the case, it would be reasonable to assume that Wheels will attempt a PR at that event to score serious points to contend for the podium in his sophomore strongman appearance.

According to Strongman Archives, Wheels’ has competed in one strongman contest. Check out the video below from Wheel’s YouTube channel that covers his time at the 2019 Odd Haugen Strength Classic:

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It isn’t clear if the presumed max deadlift event at the 2022 Middle East’s Strongest Man contest will allow for athletes to deadlift equipped. Many Giants Live contests often allow lifting suits as they enable heavier pulls. A known milestone in single-day strongman contests is 1,000 pounds.

We’ll see if Wheels continues to tease his upcoming deadlift PR as his return to strongman approaches. He would join an elite company if he ultimately does attempt and successfully hit 1,000 pounds in a sanctioned strongman contest. That is the weight six strongmen achieved at the 2021 World Deadlift Championships as part of the 2021 Giants Live World Open won by Evan Singleton. In addition to Ivan Makarov, who pulled 475 kilograms (1,047.2 pounds) at that event, Nedzmin Ambeskovic, Adam Bishop, Singleton, 2020 World’s Strongest Man Oleksii Novikov, Gabriel Peña, and Pavlo Nakonechnyy each locked out 453.5 kilograms (999.8 kilograms).

Featured image: @larrywheels on Instagram